Jingeri and happy Tuesday Toddler 2 friends and family! We started our day in the big boat yard exploring our new outdoor environment. The toddlers loved having turns on the swing, climbing the fort and shark spotting up on the pirate ship. We transitioned to the back yard just after 8am, the toddlers enjoyed playing with animals, kicking balls and cooking up a storm in the mud kitchen. At 9am we regrouped to practice our breathing and yoga before tip toeing inside for group time

We began our group time with our routine good morning songs, checking the weather and the day of the week before reading some of our Christmas stories. Everybody was extremely excited that the sun was shining again today!

Today for group time we had a very special visitor for show and tell – it was Luca, Dion’s big brother! Dion and Luca stood up in front of the class. “this is Luca my friend” said Dion. Luca then introduced himself to the class, “I’m Luca and I’m 5 and a half” he said. Luca then realised he knows all of Dion’s friends and proceeded to name and point to all the toddlers. Luca joined the class for the rest of group time.

While reading all the Christmas stories today we noticed that in every book, it speaks about being nice and making good choices. So, we asked the toddlers to think about nice things they could do before washing their hands for yummy slice and fruit for morning tea.

Sofia was singing and gave us a big twirl before washing her hands.

Harper – “share my dolly’s. I have one dolly her name is dolly she is really cool”

Marley – “I’m going to share my toys with Mummy”

Holly – “play with my dolly house”

Livinia – “play with Lennox”

Olivia – “share my toys with Mummy”

Jax – “play with my toys with Mummy”

Sebastian – “lollies for my Mummy”

Charles – “Mummy eat chocolate”

Dion – “cuddle Mummy”

Luca – “not cut their hair”

Maddison – “give them a present”

Ashton – “I give them a book” (proceeds to find a book and hands to Mason L)

Mason L – “a mosquito bite me and make me not happy”

Today we made the most of the sun shining and put on our hats, shoes, and sunscreen for some outdoor exploration.

In the messy tray we had, ‘snow’ (cornflour & conditioner), sand, rocks, mini-Christmas trees, lavender from our garden and dinosaurs to extend on the interest of the ‘dinosaurs go Christmas shopping’ book. The toddlers loved this small world play and were stomping the dinosaurs around, pretending to feed them and feeling all the different textures.

On the grass, Miss Chloe set up a gross motor ball game. The toddlers stood behind the small wooden bench and attempted to kick or throw the ball into the corresponding-coloured bucket.

We noticed that the storm had blown all our decorations off our ‘Christmas tree’ so they toddlers worked together to pick all the decorations up and put them back on the tree. Great helping friends.

The toddlers enjoyed relaxing undercover in the sandpit reading books and playing with the instruments. Maddison started singing jingle bells while playing her instrument, her friends soon joined in and started singing too.

The mud kitchen was extremely popular today as the sink was full of water, so it was perfect for creating culinary masterpieces! Our friends were busy mixing, pouring and serving their creations to one another.

At 11am we game inside for a game of doggy doggy where’s your bone with Miss Karla before reading a few more Christmas stories. After we finished reading, Miss Karla noticed there was letter in the back of one of the books- it was from Santa saying thank you for writing to him yesterday! Everybody was very very excited!!

We transitioned to wash our hands for our yummy lasagna for lunch with a letter recognition activity.

Everybody rested their bodies or found quiet activities before continuing our outdoor exploration this afternoon.

Thanks for a lovely day friends,

Lots of love,

Chloe, Karla and Stacie xx

Just a friendly reminder that we are celebrating Georges 3rd Birthday on Friday and he would love if you come dressed as your favourite TV character 😊