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Thursday 17th June 2021




Teacher Initiated-


-Read a story book called



Centre Philosophy- Learning experiences connect with and extend children’s way of knowing, skills and understanding, which they bring with them from home and the community to the early childhood setting


Our story-


Jingeri families,


It was a beautiful morning when our friends had arrived at the centre. Miss Pishaya was in Junior Kindy room today as Miss Angela was away so Miss Emma was assisting Mr Hiroshi today.


This morning our children had spent time in the front yard today due to some work on the roof at the back yard. We had witnessed some of the actions in the yard and they were…


– Obstacle course: Gross motor control and coordination skills and development

– Book corner: Literacy and cognitive development and two senses awareness (Listening and Looking)

– Sandpit play: Imaginary play with peers with large animal figurines

– Mud kitchen: Imaginary play or role play with peers or even solitude play


– At Book Corner Saylor was with Miss Natalie. She had read the book called “Little Rabbit Foo Foo” by Michael Rosen. Foo Foo is wild and wicked and the story is hilarious and no one is safe from the bad-boy bunny. Saylor was sitting on Miss Natalie’s lap and listened to the story.


– Koa was on the 4WD car and got inside to drive with smile. He was pushing the car with feet and held the steering wheel as though he was driving and manipulating it well and moved for-ward and backwards.

– Arlo found a tiger and said to Mr Hiroshi “Lion, roar!” and a child from Toddler 1 brought him a large lion, elephant and giraffe and wanted to have a role play with him. He picked up the lion and said “roar!” and walked off.

– Chloe was hopping on a tricycle and used her legs to move forward. She appeared to be very confident to manoeuvre it.


We had then moved to our room and had a group time and morning tea followed by table activities and free choice play were taken place in Todders two room.


At group time Miss Emma had greeted our friends with “Jingeri”- Local Yugambeh language and he explained the children what it meant. It means “Hello.”

We then sang “Jingeri to you” arranged by Miss Pishaya, followed by “Hello, how are you?” song that Miss Emma had introduced to our friends today.




Miss Emma had then showed a book called “Colours.” Before she opened pages, she randomly asked children about their colours of their clothes. The children were familiar with today’s activity and Miss Emma flipped the page one at a time and asked questions.

– Blake was looking at the fish and said “What is za?” and Miss Emma said that it was a fish and she answered the colour “purple” afterwards.

– Noah was looking at the green bird and said “Quack, quack!”

– Luella knew the colour “brown” while she was looking at the brown bunny in the book.


Our children were sitting very well while Miss Emma was showing the pictures and asked ques-tions about different colours and things and creatures in the book.

After we had sung Hello, how are you? song, We had a discussion about why it is important to wash hands after playing outside and before eating meals.


We also tried to play as a team and all the children were lining up and holding our friend’s shoul-ders to create a “Choo choo train” and wondered around the room and we drove through wooden chairs, too. Mr Hiroshi had another idea and played “Simon Says” game with everyone. They need to be focused and listen very carefully and followed actions that Simon Says…. We also had a couple of songs to sing together in the room.


Before the group time, Todders 2 children had extra curricular activity with Miss Kim


Tumble Tots with Miss Kim. Blake and Luella had an opportunity to try gymnastics with her They were experiencing a challenging obstacle course with a support of Miss Kim and they were able to challenge and demonstrate their ability during the gymnastics class. As they were using their en-tire body and mind, they were so looking forward to joining the rest of children in the room at meal time.


Table Activity


We had used star shaped cookie cutters in three different sizes and paint in different colours (Green, Red and Brown)- Recognition of star shapes and colours when stamping them on the pa-per. This activity also enhances their fine motor control and hand-eye coordination.


Star shape cookie cutter stamping/painting: Colour used- Green, Red, Brown


– Samayra was keen to challenge star painting with the star cookie cutters. she sat on the chair and Miss Emma had demonstrated how she could use the stars to start off. Samayra was watch-ing her and tried to dip it in the green paint first. She was smiling while she was stamping for several time.

– Noah, Blake, Noah, Koa, Chloe, Arlo, Tom, Saylor and Luella also participated in the activity and used the colours that they wanted use.


Drawing with whiteboard markers- Experiencing to hold fat writing tools to develop fine motor control as well as different colours to choose including black, red and purple.


– Royston had shown interest to join this activity at the table. He had chosen a black marker and scribbling on the whiteboard. He had then chosen a red marker, too. Koa and Chloe had also joined him and tried to draw on the board.



Free Play/Self Select Play


– Tom was keen to place each road panel for his rubbish truck. He was choosing straight panel or curve panel to create roads very interesting for his vehicle.


– Mr Rei was at the book corner with Luella and Chloe and he read a story called, “Doctor” by Amanda Askew and Andrew Crowson. They were listening him and looked at pictures on each page, too.


– Royston and Saylor were at the home corner with babies. They were not talking but demon-strated a role play by passing cup cakes and plates with each other. Saylor then pretended to be a mum and fed her baby afterwards.


Our lovely meals today


Morning Tea: Homemade tomato and bean paste with Turkish bread

Lunch: Brown rice, roast vegetables and potatoes, edamame beans and other vegetables

Afternoon Tea: wholemeal, oat and carrot cake and fresh fruits



Our children generally enjoy meals and eat well. They sit at the table with peers, too. Tom, Chloe, Arlo wanted to eat more rice at lunch time.


This afternoon, we ventured outside and used our entire body to burn our energy out as we could not go out before lunch time today!



Thank you Toddlers 2 for a great day. We hope that you will have a lovely night with your family.




Miss Emma and Mr Hiroshi