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Toddlers 2 Daily Blog

Friday 11th June 2021

Teacher Initiated– Review on children’s interests on insects and a half of butterfly picture in dot painting using cotton tip and fold the picture and experiment how the whole butterfly will be created (symmetry experience)

-Read a story book called “Big dog and little dog.”  

To assist children literacy and cognitive development. 

Centre PhilosophyLearning experiences connect with and extend childrens way of knowing, skills and understanding, which they bring with them from home and the community to the early childhood setting

Our story-

Jingeri families,

It was another chilly morning when our friends had arrived at the centre.  Miss Pishaya and Miss Mariana are away sick today so Miss Angela from Toddler 1 was helping Toddlers 2 room in the morning with Mr Hiroshi and Miss Cindy N.  Miss Maca later on replaced Miss Angela and supported in our room.  We hope that Miss Pishaya and Miss Mariana will get well soon. 

At the Toddlers back yard our friends were experiencing different resources and equipment.

  • Obstacle course: Gross motor control and coordination skills and development
  • Book corner: Literacy and cognitive development and two senses awareness (Listening and Looking)
  • Sandpit play: Imaginary play with peers with work boats and sea creatures
  • Fort/slide challenge: Gross motor control, Turn taking practice

Cooper, Summer, Alexis and Genevieve were challenging the obstacle course.   When they were walking over the “A” frames, they were very careful and slowly moved up and across and down to the other side.  They then cautiously walked on each stepping stone to reach the other side of “A” frame. 

Klaus, Charlie and Leo were holding sea creatures in their hand in the sandpit.  Mr Hiroshi had asked what they had and Klaus was showing him and said “Shark” with confident. Mr Hiroshi said “That’s close but it is a Killerwhale.”  Klaus was looking at the face of creature and repeatedly said “Killerwhale!” with smile.  Charlie was confidently telling Mr Hiroshi his creature and said “Shark!”  As for Leo, he was listening to our conversation until both Klaus and Charlie went  back to play with him.  Tom had then joined and found a stingray in the sandpit but he wasn’t sure what it was.  He then asked Mr Hiroshi “What is it, Hiroshi?”  and Mr Hiroshi replied to him with smile.

Alexis had found a cup in the mega block table and scooped sand with spoon in the sandpit and brought it over to Mr Hiroshi and said “cohhee” and let him drink it.  It was very tasty.

Before the group time, Todders 2 children had extra curricular activity with Miss Kim

Tumble Tots with Miss Kim.  Today Daisy, Charlie and Genevieve had an opportunity to try gymnastics with her  They were experiencing a challenging obstacle course with a support of Miss Kim and they were able to challenge and demonstrate their ability during the gymnastics class.  As they were using their entire body and mind, they were so looking forward to joining the rest of children in the room at meal time.

At group time Mr Hiroshi had greeted our friends with “Jingeri”- Local Yugambeh language and a lot of friends now remembered what it means. Good memory indeed!  We then sang “Jingeri to you”  arranged by Miss Pishaya, followed by “Hello, how are you?” song that Mr Hiroshi had introduced to our friends some time ago. 

Mr Hiroshi had then read one of his books called “Big dog, Little dog”-  The story is about two dogs in different size and their characters are rather “Opposite” but they can still be good friends…  After read the book, we had a discussion as to how we could be kind to our friends and show respects and play together at kindy.

After we had sung Hello, how are you? song, Isabella had started to sing “Mummy finger, mummy finger, were are you?” As it was her request of singing the song, we sang this song together before transitioning to the room for our morning tea.  Our transition song was “If your name is…, get up and wash your hands!” Our children are fully aware now that we use soap when washing our hands.

After morning tea, some children had an opportunity to have a free play on the mat or home corner until everyone finished eating at the table.

  • Charlie and Connor were at the home corner and brought out plates and cup cake and had a role play together.  They were exchanging plates and utensils as they were talking and they were pretending to eat and drink at the table!  Great imagination play.
  • Tom had brought out wooden people at the shelf and put one person at a time in the book shelf.  Klaus was doing that yesterday and Tom must have remembered and started to count the people.
  • Alexis and Daisy were spending a lot of time together today at both indoor and outdoor play.  They were looking at each other’s Book about themselves.  They then reached the baby corner and cuddling and feeding their babies as though they were “MUM.”  It was great to see Alexis engaging with other peers and play together.
  • When Pack up time came, Leo and Genevieve were helping Miss Cindy put magnetic shape blocks in the tray.  In fact our children were responsible for packing up resources before heading outside and a lot of children were aware of this routine and they do help picking up pieces and store away.

Table Activity

In the past weeks, our children were keen to discover different insects and we had set up an insects corner in the room.   To extend on their interest and we had read “The very hungry caterpillar” previously, our children would experience butterfly painting today.

Butterfly painting: Symmetry experiment with cotton tips.  Colours used: Green, red, orange and purple.

Painting using cotton tips and various paint colours and experimenting symmetry experience by creating butterfly.  Justin for example, he was using a magnifying glass and looked for insects in the room so Mr Hiroshi had an idea to set up an activity for the class to experience painting butterfly using cotton tips.  Our friends were trying to do dotting with cotton tips with various colours on to the half of butterfly picture and folded in half to see if they could transfer the same colour(s) that they used on one side.  (Symmetry experience) 

Genevieve, Mia, Isabella, Daisy, Cooper, Klaus, Summer, Alexis and Tom were very keen to challenge this activity and they had used different colours and dotted or traced on to the half of butterfly picture.

As it was Friday, our friends were also invited to indoor and outdoor play until lunch time.  We had applied sunscreen and put hat on before venturing out in order to avoid UV when playing outside.  Educators in Todders yard say to children “No hat, no play!” and our friends are accustomed to this phrase and now we are in winter months, we are adding “No socks, no shoes, no play!”  Ensure that all our friends are not getting sick from the cold weather. 

Our lovely meals today

Morning Tea: Mango, banana, sunflower, sesame and chia seeds, and Coconut yoghurt

Lunch: Italian style Lasagne and fruits and vegetables

Afternoon Tea: Raw energy bars, strawberries and banana

*Please note we have suspended self-serve meals until further notice in order to avoid sickness in the room.  

Leo, Genevieve, Mia, Isabella, Charlie, Cooper, Tom ate very well at meal times.  Some children started to try different foods that they had never tried before.

* It was Mia’s last day at Benowa as she is going to be transferred to Riversdale, our sister kindy from next week.  We will miss your smile and laugh, Mia and good luck with the new centre, venture!!! 

Thank you Toddlers 2 for a fantastic Friday.   We hope that you will have a lovely weekend with your family and will see you next week


Miss Cindy. N, Miss Maca and Mr Hiroshi