Toddlers 1 Blog

8th of June


Good morning and welcome to another fun day toddlers. Today we started our day inside as per usual until the weather got warmer. We headed into our backyard as soon as we could to go outside and play. Samayra and Aaron headed off to gymnastics whilst the rest of our friends awaited their return. Harley and Blakey were busy climbing the obstacle course together. Mielle and Luella were digging up big holes in the sandpit and Koa was having fun on the playground. Miss Pishaya found a big giant cricket sitting on our window seal. She caught the giant cricket and put it in a clear glass jar for our friends to have a look at it. Aaron and Mielle especially loved looking at it through a magnifying glass. It was such a cool experience to see a cricket up close and personal and to study its features.

As soon as our friends arrived back from gymnastics we went inside for our group time. Miss Natalie did our acknowledgment to country with our friends. We sang our favourite songs together and did some colour cards. Our friends all called out the colours together. Miss Natalie asked our friends if we wanted to do something with colours today and our friends shouted “YES”. Today Miss Maca joined us for a fun day.

We sang our song “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to go wash our hands to. After washing our hands we had our yummy morning tea together which was coconut yoghurt, vegan chocolate chips, muesli, banana and apple. Blakey loved it. She got yogurt all over her face, she was laughing so hard! Harley kept calling out “Chocolate”. After eating we put our sunscreen and hats on and went outside. Miss Natalie and Miss Maca prepared a colourful activity with activated chia seeds which were all different colours. Our friends all chose there favourite colours for us to dye the chia seeds with.

Miss Natalie asked our friends what there favourite colours were. Koa and Luella chose blue, Harley chose pink and purple. Aaron chose green. Mielle, Samayra and Blake chose pink. We all emptied the bowls together and made a rainbow. We started mixing the coloured chia seeds with our hands. Miss Maca was asking our friends what colours they were making when they were mixing them together. Koa was very good at saying the colour names “Orange and Blue”. We then used spoons to make different shapes. Mielle and Samayra were making shaped hearts. Harley was showing us how to use a spoon and was pretending to eat. Blakey and Luella loved playing in the blue section mixing it together with green. They were calling out “Blue, Green!”. We added pom poms and streamers to the mix and our friends were busy squishing the pom poms with their hands, it was such a funny texture. Our friends were also counting the amount of colours we made. This was such a good activity as our friends made new colours and felt new textures.

After we all got cleaned up, we played outside a little more and danced to the wiggles with our toddler 2 friends. We came inside to wash our hands and got ready to eat our delicious lunch. We had vegan pizza with pineapple and corn. We served our pizza with tomato sauce as Luella said “Sauce”. Our friends loved the pizza they all kept asking for more. Blakey helped all her friends and got their water bottles from the tray and put them where they were sitting. Thank you Blakey!

We got ready for our naps for the day. As soon as we woke up, we had our afternoon tea which was healthy beetroot brownies served with fruit slices. Everyone lined up ready at the door for our sunscreen, shoes and hats on.

Off we went outside to finish the day. Samayra ran straight to the sandpit to dig holes. Harley, Blakey and Luella went to the playground and were loving sliding down the slide. Koa and Aaron were busy dancing to the wiggles and Mielle was busy blowing bubbles with Miss Natalie. Miss Maca then put on the song “Sleeping Bunnies” and our friends all laid down and kept screaming “More, More” as soon as the song was over. We ended the day playing “Ring a Ring a Rosie” and all pretended to fall down together.


Thank you toddlers for such a fun day and experimenting a new activity together. We loved learning and making new colours with you.


Miss Natalie and Miss Maca xx