Welcome to another fun day toddlers. Today we started the day with our older friends in the senior kindy room. Albie was our first arrival and was playing with planes and cars until the rest of our friends arrived. We headed to the backyard and waited for our friends to come and join us. Harley, Comfort, Hope, Florence and Henry were busy popping bubbles with Miss Dana. Aaron was busy playing on the playground when he arrived. We had a new friend join us today, welcome Ellie!

We did a big group time with toddler 2 today outside before we came in where Miss Dana and Miss Allison were singing our favourite songs together and reading books so our friends all got to know each other. After we had fun outside we headed inside. Miss Dana did our acknowledgement to country and got the puppets out and sang “Five little ducks”. We sang “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to go wash our hands to and then sat down on the table for our morning tea which was coconut yoghurt served with banana and strawberries. Albie loved yoghurt he had it all over his face, he had a little yoghurt beard. Miss Dana made some playdough for our friends and we asked what colour they wanted and Ellie said “Blue”. So Miss Dana got some playdough and got some little sea creatures to play with like the ocean.

Miss Natalie asked if we wanted to listen to music and our friends said “YES.” Harley proceeded to shout out “Wiggles” so Miss Natalie put on the wiggles. Ellie, Harley, Henry and Florence were all dancing together. Comfort was playing in the kitchen area with Aaron. Albie and Hope were sitting in our relaxing zone just looking at books and playing with our sensory bottles. It started to rain heavy outside so we stayed inside and kept playing with our playdough and dancing to the wiggles. Florence was sitting playing with playdough and wiggling on her chair dancing at the same time.

It was time to pack up and wash our hands for lunch. We had Vegan pizza served with pineapple and corn. Our friends always love to have tomato sauce on the side to dip their pizza in. Yummy! Everyone ate very well.

After we ate we all packed up our dishes and washed our hands and went to lay down for our naps. Once our naps were over we sat on the table for our afternoon tea which was golden chocolate beetroot brownies served with fruit slices and sultanas. Hopefully the rain will clear so our friends can play outside for the rest of the afternoon otherwise we

stay inside and make some more fun activates to play with.


Miss Dana and Miss Natalie xx