Hello to all our families today!

This morning we enjoyed exploring lots of fun activities.

We enjoyed:

–           Sandpit

–           Mud kitchen

–           Balance beams

–           Lawn mowers

–           Bikes

–           Chalk drawing

–           Book area       

Paisley and Maggie enjoyed using their imagination while in the sandpit making different things out of wet and dry sand including food in bowls and towers in buckets. Jaden and Nate loved racing around the yard with the lawn mowers. Evie and Felicity loved quietly reading books and trying to balance with Miss Lauren’s assistance.

After our big morning playing outside, we made our way into our room straight inside as we have a special show to watch today. We headed inside and washed our hands straight away and found our seats at the table with our drink bottles. For morning tea today, we enjoyed yummy chocolate chip and banana cake with delicious watermelon and banana.

It was now time to explore our environment. We had lots of fun activities out including:

–           Puppets

–           Crocodile and dragon show

–           Cubby house

–           Babies

–           Cars

–           Building blocks

–           Book corner

–           Home corner

–           Music for creative dancing    

Before we had to get ready for the show, Miss Lauren sat down with her friends and sung songs and showed the puppets. The children loved bringing the puppets out. They help Miss Lauren say the colours and number of puppets each time. We then had Miss Lauren talk about the animals we might see in today’s show. Miss Lauren held up a crocodile we had in our room and Paisley and Jaden instantly put their hands together and said “nap”. Miss Lauren followed this and said the yes crocodiles do snap when they open and close their mouth. We talked about seeing a crocodile, lizards and snake. Thomas went “ssssss” when Miss Lauren mentioned snake.

We went to the room where the show was and sat up the front. Felicity, Evie, Jaden and Maggie were happy to sit down on the mat area. Paisley and Nate were a little frightened at the start. Through the show we seen a blue tongue lizard, a frog, a crocodile, a turtle and a snake. Some children loved seeing these animals and some friends weren’t so impressed. At first Paisley didn’t want to touch the animals but then became brave and loved touching them. Mason, Jaden, Maggie and Evie also enjoyed softly touching the animals. Nate and Felicity chose to sit back and admire from afar.

Once the show was over the children made their way back to the room where they seen a new cubby house waiting for them to explore. Maggie, Paisley and Felicity loved going inside the cubby house with their baby dolls. Nate, Jaden, Mason and Evie enjoyed building with the blocks on the floor with Miss Chloe. Felicity and Evie enjoyed quiet reading in book corner. Nate and Jaden were exploring the block animals, making all the different sounds.

It was now time to pack away all our toys and prepare for our yummy lunch.        Our friends are doing a great job at helping pack away.  We then lined up at the door to wash our hands.

 Then we washed our hands with Miss Chloe. Once we washed our hands we found our drink bottles and sat at the table for lunch, Miss Kristy helped us find our bottles and prepared our lunch.        Today we enjoyed delicious Asian noodles with salad bar. This meal was tricky for our friends to eat with their cutlery, so at times, the resorted in exploring how to eat with their hands.

It was now time for us to head to bed and rest our bodies. We provide an opportunity for the children to re energise their little bodies. We need all our energy back to explore the outside playground this afternoon.

After our rest it was time for our afternoon tea. Today for afternoon tea we enjoyed delicious fresh fruit and crackers.

We meet up with toddlers two to spend the afternoon playing. Once we finished our afternoon tea we applied our sunscreen, found our hats and got ready to head outside for a big play.

Thankyou for a wonderful day Toddlers!

Miss Lauren and Miss Chloe.

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Written by toddlers room