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Goodmorning and welcome t

Welcome to another terrific Tuesday. We started the day in toddler backyard. Harley arrived and Miss Hollie brought out a book for Mr. Hiroshi to read it was called “Loved to dance” and then they headed off to play with the flower connectors. Harley connected a few of them to resemble a cake and said “Birthday”. Mr. Hiroshi asked whose birthday it was, and Harley replied “Me”. Aaron arrived after and joined to play with Harley and the flower connectors.

Miss Emma then picked up Aaron for gymnastics. He got dropped back by Miss Kim where she told us he did such a good job at gymnastics. Before we headed inside Mr. Hiroshi welcomed toddler 1 and 2 with Jingeri and sang “Jingeri to you” song. We then checked the weather together and sang “Incy wincy spider” twice and then “Rain rain go away” with Miss Hollie and Miss Natalie. Because it was raining the children wanted to heat up their bodies, so we did “Head, shoulders, Knees and toes” in fast and slow motion. Mr. Hiroshi had a transition song “If your name is…get up and wash your hands ” to send them wash their hands too. We transitioned inside to start our day.

Tuesday we got picked up by Miss Hilary to garden and water our lettuce that we planted. On Wedneday we had a picnic up in garden and also went and visited our lettuce and to turn our soil around to make sure all the ingredients were getting mixed daily. From the experience from Tuesday and Wednesday our extension of interests was to do painting of fruits. Mr. Hiroshi went and collected some fruit from the kitchen and selected a piece of pear and apple. We discussed what kind of fruit they were.

Mr. Hiroshi asked what colour painting they wanted to choose. Harley and Aaron said “Blue”. Comfort said “Pink”. We sat down and enjoyed morning tea together which was crackers served with fruit salad. Miss Natalie then sat down with toddlers and got our wooden vegetables and knife kit and started discussing vegetables and fruits that we had. Miss Natalie picked up corn and asked children what it was, Harley responded “corn on the cob”. Aaron, Henry, Comfort and Harley did a really great job at using their wooden knives to cut fruit and vegetables in half.


Mr. Hiroshi then sat down with children in chill zone and started to read the “ABC book of food” which contained a lot of pictures of food for the kids to guess and recognise. This beautiful picture book celebrates all kinds of food and the energy it gives us. The simple, engaging text also shows where food comes from and how it reaches our homes. Aaron called out “apple and pear”. Henry called out “nana”. Harley said “pineapple” and Comfort called out “donut”. This book was great for introducing new words in fruit and vegetables. Harley then picked up the book “BANANA” for Mr. Hiroshi to read.  Comfort said “please I want a banana!” and “sharing”.

We then started our painting activity. We use the fruit Mr. Hiroshi cut this morning to dip into the desired paint colour and tap onto the paper to make a stencil of the fruit. We were all tapping our fruit together on the paper, Comfort and Harley were saying “tap tap tap” whilst they were tapping the fruit on paper.

We cleaned our hands and continued to play inside. Aaron put together the train tracks and put cars and trains on top and started to move them around. Comfort set up a pillow and blanket and was putting little babies on their and patting them to sleep and Harley asked Miss Natalie to play “apples and bananas” by the wiggles and was dancing with Miss Natalie. Comfort, Harley and Aaron were throwing bean bags into a basket to see if they could get it in.

We transitioned back outside to have a quick play before lunch. Aaron and Comfort were playing with the toy bus together and Harley was riding her bike around.

For lunch we enjoyed avocado, chicken and cheese toasties. After our tummies were full we had our naps for the day.

After our naps we woke up and sat on the table for afternoon tea which was chocolate and beetroot brownies served with fruit. We then spent the rest of the afternoon outside with our toddler 2 friends.

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside with our toddler 2 friends.

Thanks for a fun day toddlers!

Miss Natalie and Mr Hiroshi xx