Merry Xmas Toddler 1, Miss An and Miss Mel,

Rainy Thursday but we still have so fun at the Toddler 2 classroom explored and play. We are enjoy the play time with the toddler 2 friends and the educators.

Max, Jude and Poppy enjoy complete the giant floor Australia puzzle with Miss Chloe. Each of the pieces we found will have a story right behind the puzzle and Miss Chloe will read it for us and from the story we also got to find the animals live in that state too, such as from NT we have crocodile.

Chloe and Lena were enjoy dress up infront of the mirror with the Christmas hat, Christmas headband and also Christmas skirt. They will admirer how good they be look in the dress up items and they will have a happy smile.

Lincoln and NIcholas were enjoy building lego with MIss Stacie and when Lincoln build something he happily show to Ray (Ray just got in the kindy) and he were invite Ray join him to play.

Diollo and Noah are just coming in to the kindy right on time we say goodbye and say thank you to our friends and to transition toddler into the our classroom, We clap our hand when we walk and match into the room. then we get ourself ready for group time, nappy change and toilet and morning tea.  (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.)

During group time, we enjoy Miss Mel reading story to us, we read couple of christmas story, then we want Miss Mel to read a “ big bad bogie story” and “ we going on a bear hunt. We read along side with Miss Mel, we finished some sentences for Miss Mel in the story.

After morning tea, Miss An and Miss Mel offer us again the “shape in Christmas tree” for the children. Children needed to find the shapes that hiding in the Christmas tree then match it with the cute out shape and glue it together. Such a awesome eye and hand coordination, cognitive and also shape recognition activity.

Poppy, Ray, Lena, Chloe, Lincoln and Noah jump straight in the activity. They do enjoy finding the shape and using the glue stick. After they found the shapes, they also can colour the Christmas tree. Lincoln and Noah were do one and another one, non-stop. Come later Diollo join in.

Max and Jude were enjoy reading book at the book corner. They empty the baby rocker and they move the rocker infront of the Christmas tree and seat in it and read the books together. How adorable is it.

Chloe were ask Miss Mel for the Christmas songs, since then she were dancing (lifting her one leg up, twisting her little body and hand, shaking her bottom) come along Lena copies Chloe and dance together.  You should see, they are pretty good and flexible, they will be a great dancer in future.

Time to packing away, after we all are packing away our toy and classroom and today we try something new, with little assistant of the educators, the children get to try making their own bed(A). then we go wash our hand and enjoy our lunch and have a little rest before we can have outdoor play again in the late afternoon. (4.2.1 apply a wide variety of thinking strategies to engage with situations and solve problems, and adapt these strategies to new situations.)

Thank you toddler 1 children for the wonderful day. Love, MIss An and Miss Mel.