Ho Ho Ho Toddler 1, Miss Mel and Miss An.

Rainy Monday, but we do need the rain for our beautiful tree, plants, flowers and also animals live in the forest. Rain also cool down our warm and hot weather, so why not. Let’s do the rains dance.

This morning we all stay in the pre-kindy room for play. Poppy, Isla and Max were really enjoy the 6 pieces puzzles. They done up and completed one by one. Max and Poppy completed 8 pieces puzzle together. They were so excited.

Nicholas and Lincoln were enjoy moving the big  wooden connection blocks from one corner to another corner. They use their little muscle, moving one at the time and don’t forget to remind each other “becareful” until they move all of it (may be 8 of them) then they were do a little happy dance then move them again to another corner. (2.2.1 begin to show concern for others.)

Chloe were enjoy wearing and dismount the Christmas hats. She pick up one Christmas hat and put it on, look into the mirror, then she will take it off and try on another hat. She will also look at the mirror and talk to “Chloe” that from the mirror.

Lily and Hiroki were enjoy drawing on the table with Miss Stacie. There is a big Christmas tree picture on the table, the children can put their imagination into reality on the paper as part of the Christmas tree decoration for the pre-kindy room. When Miss An asks Lily, what she drew, “daddy, mom and Indy” Lily answered. Hiroki were said “ Christmas tree.”

It is time to say goodbye and to transition toddler into the our classroom, we sang good morning song an clap our hand when we walk and match into the room. then we get ourself ready for group time, nappy change and toilet and morning tea.  (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.)

Today is Funcky Feet’s (dance school run by Miss Jeni) dancing concert. Lucky toddler children, the concert are held right at our back playground, right behind our classroom. Some of our children like Chloe and Poppy sibling are doing the dance concert, so we all were so excited to watch the concert and giving them our support.

So today we don’t have morning group time, the children walk in the classroom and wash hand and then get to pick a seat right near to the glassdoor and enjoy the concert.(A) Poppy said “my veda” when Poppy first see Veda there. Chloe said “Ge Ge dancing (in chinese mean big brother)” she pointed to Jayden.  (5.2.7 actively use, engage with and share the enjoyment of language and texts in a range of ways.)

The children really enjoy the concert, they been seating there and enjoy and clipping hand to giving their support to all the dancer. From the start to the end, which a good 45min the children seating nicely, quietly and enjoy the concert. (3.1.9 show an increasing capacity to understand, self-regulate and manage their emotions in ways that reflect the feelings and needs of others.)

After the concert is finished, Miss Mel ask the children do they want to dance, they all just excited to shouted “yes”. The children try to copies and mimic the dance action they have saw just now, how cute and adorable (EI). (4.1.4 follow and extend their own interests with enthusiasm, energy and concentration.)

They do rolly polly, one leg hop, they try split, they rolling around on the ground, try to arch their back and head touching toes and many more dance moves. The children are so good in their memories and their body are incredible flexible.

We also have some painting, making our own santa activity at the table to allow the children continues explore, be creative and play. We also have a short time outdoor play with Toddler 2 friends ad educator before we having our lunch and rest time.

Thank you toddler 1 children for the wonderful day. Love, MIss An and Miss Mel.