Ho Ho Ho Toddler 1, Miss Mel and Miss An.

Cloudy Friday, but it didn’t cloud up the children and Miss An Christmassy mood… Ho Ho Ho. Getting more and more children wearing the Christmas tshirt or dress to kindy, it create such a joy and happy Christmas vibe in it.

This morning, Lincoln, Chloe, Lily and David were enjoy dancing party with the educators and their friends. The educators have put up very funky, funny and silly song for the children to move their little body and dance. One of the challenge are they got to shake their little booty as long as they can, as hard as they can. They all trying so hard and so cute. (3.1.3 share humour, happiness and satisfaction.)

Hiroki, Yaolin, Max and Jude were enjoy digging, being creative on the sandpit. They were filling up some big giant bucket that Mr Dayne bring from the after school care. Max and Jude did try to carry the filled bucket out of the sandpit but too heavy, then they ask Hiroki and YaoLin helps but still it is too heavy for the 4 of little toddler. Max run up to Mr Dayne using a nice manner and ask for his helps. They finally get to move the bucket to where they wanted to.  (4.2.1 apply a wide variety of thinking strategies to engage with situations and solve problems, and adapt these strategies to new situations.)

Diollo enjoy seating on the couch, reading book by himself and in the same time he enjoy observed what his friends play, sometime he will smile or laugh on what his friends does too. ‘

Lena coming into the kindy, Chloe run up and give her a nice cuddle and invite her to join the dance club. Lena happily hold Chloe’s hand and go with her. Lena also such a good dancer too. She move her body confidently (she be shy when someone look at her). In her move you can see there are lots of enjoyment and happiness in it. ( 5.2.3 sing and chant rhymes, jingles and songs.)

It is time to say goodbye and to transition toddler into the our classroom, we sang good morning song an clap our hand when we walk and match into the room. then we get ourself ready for group time, nappy change and toilet and morning tea.  (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.)

Good Morning Miss Anje. Before we have our morning tea, we have sport session with Miss Anj. The children cant wait what Miss Anje have organized for us.

The children put on our hat, top up more sunscreen, put on our shoe (for those who took it off) by themselves with the tiny assist by the educator. The little toddler no longer little, now they are so strong and independent on their own. (A)

In the sport session, Miss Anje start with getting the children attention, such as sang the children “ happy song” to break the ice, then make the children running from gate to gate, then after that the next exercise are little tricky, which Miss Anje hide the ball under the con and the children need to turn the con around and find the ball and put it back to Miss Anje bucket.  (3.2.4 combine gross and fine motor movement and balance to achieve increasingly complex patterns of activity including dance, creative movement and drama.)

After that, Miss Anje also teach us jump like a roo. Jump in a straight line, jump from side to side, jump and bounce forward and backward and last and not least, jumping in a circle and try to catch Miss Anje.

Time to waves good bye and thank you Miss Anje for the fun games she have organized and design for the toddler. We heading back to our classroom and wash our hand and enjoy our morning tea.

After morning tea, Miss An and Miss Mel also have organized the children to make their very own door sign and the door sign said “Santa stop here please.” Lily, Chloe, Lincoln, Yaolin, Lena, David, and Hiroki they have taking turn and making their door sign. “ I want to bring it home” Chloe and Lily said. Yes we are going to bring it home and put It on our door, so the Santa can see it and stop at our home and give us presents.

In other hand, Max, Jude and Diollo enjoy reading book under the Christmas tree. (CI) Max be the teacher and reading the story for his friends. Max have read the story in a very expressive way, move and full with facial expression. Max are such a good story teller. Jude and Diollo were such a good listener and audience. They seat with their leg cross, respectful, listen to the story and when other friends being noisy around, they will give them a “shhh”.  (2.3.6 begin to understand and evaluate ways in which texts construct identities and create stereotypes.)

We also have a short time outdoor play with Toddler 2 friends ad educator before we having our lunch and rest time.

Thank you toddler 1 children for the wonderful day. Love, MIss An and Miss Mel.