Ho Ho Ho Toddler 1, Miss Mel and Miss An.

This morning we are having a short time to play outside before the big rain come.

Chloe, and Hiroki been singing “rain rain go away” song and come in Lena and Diollo join in too when they reach Kindy. Obviously, we all know the children want to play outside with their friends and educator.

Max and Jude were playing so nicely in the sandpit. They digging hole, one big and deep hole, when Miss An ask what they doing, “Treasure” Jude and Max answered. They also invite Mr Oscar to digging the hole with them.

Soon no long, Miss Anj rock and the children know we are going to having some spot exercise with Miss Anj and they are so excited. Spot help children to get their needs met, they will grow into strong, resilient, competent.

Miss Anj design a series of fun exercise for the toddler to play while moving their little body. We start with stretching our body, then we take turn to roll a exercise dice to see what exercise we need to do, it included dance, star jump, twirling and many more. Next Miss Anj use a pool noodle to pretend as a snake and we all got to duck when the snaking on the top of our hat, we got to jump when the snake on the floor. Last and not least, we jogging on the spot to make our heart rate go a bit faster. (3.1.5 increasingly co-operate and work collaboratively with others.)

It is time to say goodbye and say thank you to Miss Anj and to transition toddler into the our classroom, we give Miss Anj a good high 5 and clap our hand when we walk and match into the room. then we get ourself ready for group time, nappy change and toilet and morning tea.  (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.)

Into the room, we straight to washing hand and seat on the table to enjoy our morning tea. (A) The children really enjoy the fresh fruits and the French toast. YaoLin come right when we start our morning tea.

To increase the children knowledge of indigenous Australians’ history, heritage, culture and current issues through readings, community involvement and social opportunities, today we have Uncle Allen come into our room and read stories, sang song and play digeridoo with the children.

Max, Jude, Lily, Chloe, David, Yaolin, Hiroki, Diollo and Lena, basically the whole class where so excited to said hello to Uncle Allen. They shouted so loud “JINGERI” to Uncle Allen and Uncle Allen were very impress with it. (2.1.1 begin to recognize that they have a right to belong to many communities.)

Before Uncle Allen read the story “No Bundjalung on the bus”, but before he start, he will show the picture of the animals and ask the children one by one take turn to find the animals, Uncle also makesure the children read after him of the animals name in Yugamba language. Then along the story line, the children for to rise the animals that mention by Uncle and do the action.

The children really enjoy it and they ask Uncle to read twice of the story. Then after that Uncle also performance a short didgeridoo for the children and the children dancing with the tone. David tries to look through the didgeridoo and find any animals in it. Lily, Chloe, YaoLin and Diollo were put their hand on the didgeridoo to feel the vibration. (5.1.4 use language and representations from play, music and art to share and project meaning.)

Time to said good bye and thank you to Uncle Allen.

The children also get a short self-select play in the classroom until the lunch is ready due to the rain outside. (CI)

Time to packing away, after we all packing away our toy and classroom and today we try something new, with little assistant of the educators, the children get to try making their own bed(A). then we go wash our hand and enjoy our lunch and have a little rest before we can have outdoor play agaiun in the late afternoon. (4.2.1 apply a wide variety of thinking strategies to engage with situations and solve problems, and adapt these strategies to new situations.)

Thank you toddler 1 children for the wonderful day. Love, MIss An and Miss Mel.