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Happy Friday! Today we started the day by playing outside as all our friends started arriving. Miss Karla and Miss Bianca set up a great variety of toys, obstacles and games for us to play outside at the front yard.

Chloe, Jackson, Lily and Lincoln loved the obstacles on the sand pit and were jumping over and over with the help of Miss Karla. Max and Jude were running around playing pretending they were dogs and horses. Hiroki was happy with the card we all made to wish him feel better and he held it everywhere! Meanwhile David and Zacky were playing ball and exploring behind the little house.

9:00 – 11:00: At 9:00 we went to our room, change our nappies and got ready for our morning tea. After we finish, we played inside the room and played with a couple activities Miss An and Miss Jacky organised for us.

11.00-11:45am: We had a play at our backyard with our Toddler 2 friends. Miss Mona, Miss Karla and Miss Chloe prepare a very fun obstacles track and we were all loving it.

Today we had a great day playing outside and inside. Outside we had such a variety of things to do that we had to try them all! And inside Miss An and Miss Jacky prepare a couple of activities that we very much enjoyed and the best part is that one of them is now part of our new room’s layout.

Jude, Max, Lincoln and Lily helped Miss An to get 5 pipes for the new area she built for us in the room so when we came back, she stuck pictures of characters from paw patrol and put 1 pipe under each pne. We were all excited and intrigued of what was she making for us. She finally finished and took a ball from a box and put it through one of the pipes. We loved it so much that we spent most of our morning playing with it.

Miss Jacky, on another table, placed 6 white boards and markers for us to draw our creations. Jude, Hiroki, Lincoln, Lily, Max, Jackson and Chloe enjoyed it very much but couldn’t decide what to do so they would paint, go to the pipes area and come back. So many interesting things to do!!

David was creating yummy imaginary dishes at the kitchen corner and Zacky was loving the car track and the animal corner but they were also coming to the pipe activity on and off. After a while we were all running around making animals sounds and having fun with each other. It’s been a great day for all of us.

The children enjoyed and engaged with.

  • Max and Jude: Enjoyed pretending play with animals
  • David and Jackson: Loved cooking at the kitchen corner
  • Zacky: Had a good time playing with cars at the car track
  • Hiroki: Loved holding his card and playing with the Giraffe
  • Lily, Chloe and Lincoln: Had fun painting on the white boards