Toddler 1 – Blog

Friday 11th of June 2021

Good morning and happy Friday friends! Thanks for such a fun week toddlers. Today we had a short day in senior kindy with our older friends and then headed into our backyard. Miss Dana was blowing bubbles to our friends. Gigi, Koa and Luella were running around trying to pop them. As fun as popping bubbles is its also great hand and eye coordination for the children. As well to separate their pointy fingers to pop the bubbles. Blake and Ayla were busy on the obstacle course. Aaron found two diggers and loved pushing them around. Harley, Noah and Luella headed to gymnastics with Miss Kim. Whilst we waited our friends return the rest of our friends Aaron, Koa, Samayra, Ayla, Blake, Gigi and Chloe all played in the sandpit together. Digging for treasure and making sandcastles.

Our friends returned from Gymnastics with their big stickers. Miss Kim put on the wiggles for our friends. Their favourite! We came inside for group time. Miss Dana did our acknowledgment to country and counted in Yugambeh language. Everyone counted along with Miss Dana. They sang their favourite songs together and sang “Bee, Bee Bumble Bee” to go wash their hands to. Miss Dana then asked our friends what we should do today, and Luella called out “Playdough”. Miss Dana asked what colour and Koa and Blake called out “Pink”. Before we made playdough, we sat down for a morning tea which was coconut yoghurt served with muesli, mango and banana. After we ate our friends, all sat around the table and were cutting their playdough into different shapes and sizes. They were using a bunny cut out and making little bunnies, paddle pop sticks, rolling into the sausages and balls.

A few friends from babies came and had a play with us as they will be starting in our room as of next week. Florence, Hope, Lucas and Henry all had so much fun playing with their older friends. Our older friends were showing them around and playing playdough with them. They were exploring their new room and were so excited.

After we played with our pink playdough, we put our sunscreen and hats back on and went back outside for a play. Harley and Gigi were busy rocking on the balancing boards. They were pretending to surf. Aaron and Samayra were in the sand pit digging. Chloe, Koa, Luella, Blake, Ayla and Noah were busy sliding down the slide on the playground and laughing. We all played around outside until it was time to go back in for our lunch. Today we had lentil lasagne served with corn and pineapple. Everyone ate so well today, they all had a few servings each and of coarse are always asking for more pineapple! After we had our yummy lunches we went and had our naps. We all fell asleep really quickly today! We must have been super tired from a big week at kindy.

Once we woke up, we had our afternoon tea which was awesome raw energy bars served with fresh fruit slices. For the rest of the afternoon, we stayed inside as our roof was getting painted. We had a self- selection of activities as we had to stay inside. We had playdough/painting and drawing to do. We all had so much fun together and loved being inside as it was super chilly, it worked out so well.

Have a great weekend friends. We will see you all next door starting from Monday! Thank you for our last amazing week together and the memories!

Miss Dana and Miss  Natalie xx