Our Story…

Welcome back to another beautiful day in the Babies 2 classroom. We started the chilly morning inside the Babies 1 classroom combined with all our friends exploring the fun activities set up. We enjoyed playing with the construction blocks, making beautiful music with the musical instruments, and just playing with our friends. Once we had a big play we moved into our room to start our daily routine. As we entered our room we jumped straight into the high chairs to enjoy some yummy morning tea and when we filled our bellies we were ready to go off an explore.

We started off joining on the mat for a group time completing our daily Acknowledgement to Country and then sung some of our favourite songs including “If your happy and you know it” and “Ba Ba Black Sheep”. To finish our group time we read hr “Colours” book so we can introduce colour recognition.

Miss Chloe had set up some fun things in the outside environment, so we decided for activity time to transition outside. Before we did we put on our hats so we could all be protected from the sun. As this week is NAIDOC week today we wanted to focus on the children having free play in the gardens and the land. Benowa Early Learning Centre is part of the Yugambeh Language Region. Outside we extended and used our own cave we had made the other day for the children to play in, we also had the obstacle course, stairs , bikes and moved the home corner kitchen outside for them to explore with. As we opened the doors Noah quickly ran and started climbing up the stairs, Eddy was quick to follow and they both loved sitting up the top laughing at each other. In the home corner kitchen Elodee and Kingston were role playing cooking using the kitchen utensils. They both grabbed a bowl and a spoon and were working together sharing the kitchen stirring in the bowls. Carter was observing and saw how much fun hey were having and decided to come over and join. Carter and June cooked together and loved putting bowls in the microwave closing the door and letting it cook. Spencer was busy climbing on the ladder and over the A frame. He loved smiling at Miss Chloe and making faces laughing at her. After fun exploring Miss Claudia decided to have a dance party so she brought our some fun Wiggles music and bubbles. All of the babies were having so much popping the bubbles and dancing around as a class. Everyone had worked up an appetite after playing so nicely so we moved back inside and hopped back into the high chairs for lunch.

Lachlan and Oliver woke up just in time for lunch so we all enjoyed a class meal. Once we had finished all of our older friends went to sleep and Oliver and Lachlan had a little play. Once everyone had drifted off resting their bodies to some nice relaxing music Lachlan and Oliver explore the inside environment. Lachlan loved reading some books and sitting on the comfy rug with Miss Emma and Oliver was off exploring with the sensory bottles shaking them and listening to the different sounds each material made.

All of our friends woke up and joined in playing.

Thanks for the beautiful day we had Babies 2.

Miss Claudia and Miss Chloe xx