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Good afternoon, what a lovely weather today. It was not too hot and not too cold. There was a beautiful sunshine and lovely breeze in the yard. Children were happy and played very nice together in the yard. Harry and Grayson started their fun day rugby. They used the rugby ball that they got and practised their kicking and catching the ball together. Harry was concerned about others so he asked Grayson to play at the veranda away from everyone so on one will get hurt from the ball by accident. That was very kind thought. Hannah, D, Mila and Olivia were still busy working with the hula-hoop. It was nice to hear how Olivia encouraged Hannah, D while she dropped the hoop. “ It’s ok Hannah. You did a good job. Keep practise.”  

At group time today after went through the weather and calendar chart children were helping Miss Pishaya singing the ABC song and played the fun phonics game with Miss Pishaya. Children were getting better and better with the phonics and enjoyed the game when could blend the sound together. Eva, Caesar Hannah, D and Mila were continue with their learning about the letter recognition and took that letter chart from the shelf and practised writing each letter by themselves on their special books.   

To help children deal with conflicts between peers and learn how to use positive ways to solve their problems. Miss Pishaya told children the story using puppets and demonstrated some situations that could cause the conflicts then showed the positive ways to deal with it. At the end we also had a reflection of what they learned from the story and had a brainstorming about how to solve problem in positive ways and be kind to our friends.

Odin “ We need to be kind be nice friend.”

Jaxon “I can cuddle friends when they sad.”

Hunter “ I can make friends laugh”

Ellen “ I can help friend.”

Tithi “ I will say happy birthday to them on their birthday.”

At Yoga today Miss Haylee started the lesson with sending each other positive energy through beautiful music. Then they pretended to acted and moved in different animal yoga posts. At the end Miss Haylee also read the farm animal books and let children come up with the creative yoga post for each animal that they saw in the book.

At activity time today Jaxon and Elijah were so busy working on the scale. They tried to fit things on the scale as much as they can and find out how heavy they are. It was lovely to hear when they laugh and giggle together.

What a lovely fun learning experience. Hope everyone had an awesome day.

Mr Hiroshi and Miss Pishaya