What a fun morning!  We started out in the front yard.  Arlo was straight to the musical instruments and was having a go with all of them.  Noah was excited to be back at kindy at to see his new environment. He went to the bakery mushroom house to see what was in there and was peeking out at Miss Angela.  Saylor was loving sandpit play and was also enjoying seeing other families arrive at kindy and watching them through the fence.    At 8.30 we moved around to our Toddlers playground.  Everyone went to the fort.  Noah was first up the steps and sliding down the slide and round to do it again.  Blake arrived and ran over to join Noah and Saylor.  Miss Angela was assisting them to take turns up the steps as they were so keen to get up they were trying to do it at the same time.   Samayra came to join us and was happy to see friends she recognised from last year.  She joined Lexi on the mat building block towers with Mr Rei.   It is so wonderful to see our friends arriving happy at kindy and keen to get involved with their friends and activities.

After a big play we transitioned inside to wash hands for our morning tea.  We’re getting really good at this transition and understand that we go straight to the bathroom to wash our hands before sitting down for our yummy food.

Activity time was next and our friends chose their activities.  Noah and Arlo were sorting the wooden together.  Bella went to the textas and chose drawing again today.  Samayra, Noah and Arlo came to draw with them and it was a happy group sharing textas.  The challenge with this activity is the game of “find the right lid for the texta”.  Noah, Bella and Saylor were doing a great job of picking up the lids from the floor and with Miss Angela’s help, matching to the correct pen.  Great colour learning moment!   Blake was enjoying kitchen play and was getting out all the wooden pretend food and putting it in the pots and pans and the oven.

Our friends are learning to help to pack away and pack away time before we move outdoors for another run around before lunch.  Great job!   We found our hats and put on our sunscreen and joined TD2 for some physical play before lunch and rest time.

Time for lunch and we once again did a great job of going to wash our hands with Mr Rei’s help.

Lunch today was Sushi and salad bar.  Yum!  Everyone did a great job of eating their lunch and they were really feeling proud as they used tongs to serve their sushi on to their plates.    Our big toddlers are doing so well at adapting to these new routines and also doing a great job of packing away their plates and scraping any left over food into the bin.  Well done friends!  We’re so proud of you all.

We settled down on our beds to listen to some beautiful restful music and drifted off to sleep.

Everyone was energised after sleep time and woke up ready to go!  We had group time before afternoon tea.  Miss Dana invivted the children to the mat and we sang “Bee Bee Bumble Bee Can You Say Your Name to Me” as our transition song to washing our hands for afternoon tea.

Afternoon play was more super active fun with running races, fort play and also cars, trucks and a quiet reading area which many of our friends utilised and enjoyed hearing stories and songs with Miss Angela and Miss Dana.

Thank you for a beautiful day Toddlers 1

Miss Angela and Miss Dana  xx

Dear Families:

Just a little reminder – can you please ensure your child has a named water bottle and sheets each day.  Thank you.