Kindergarten One


Jingeri families and friends, Happy Thursday- it’s a sticky morning this morning but friends were still having so much fun outside. Some were digging for treasure in the sand pit, they seemed to fit lots of sonic rings and sparkly treasure. Other friends were painting with the thin brushes, we had hearts, flowers, rainbows and a garden full of bright colours. The icecream shop was in full swing, with a big line waiting for some delicious ice-cream and coffee- the best on the Gold coast apparently!

Lots of friends went to dance to practise ready for their show next week- this left only 6 friends, 7 when Noah came and then 8 with Ella. Noah brought Miss Kate some flowers as it is his last day- We are going to Miss you so much Noah!!! We had a quick group time discussing our Christmas Party and then headed to self serve for morning tea. The question of the day for morning tea was brought up by Noah “Why do we have fingers?” Friends discussed this at the table and thought of:

“to pick things up”, “To hold things” “to put things in the bin” “to feed ourselves”


Friends pulled out the mobilo and constructed transformers, cars, planes, spaceships and a flying boat! Mr Hirohsi worked with friends on their Christmas presents- we are still keeping this a secret. Miss Kate finished Christmas Cards and a special questionnaire for our books! Other friends engaged in the Christmas sensory tray. Santa’s workshop was busy with friends wrapping presents, writing card and serving their friends. Christmas stencil painting was popular amongst friends, some said they were making things for their families! Some friends were enjoying the Christmas music Miss Kate was playing, some sat peacefully watching the fireplace background on the screen and others had a little dance with Mr Rei!

Affirmations and gratitude today:

I am strong, I am powerful, I am achieving my goals, I am proud of who I am, I am beautiful, I am respected, I am exactly where I want to be.

I am grateful for, “it’s nearly Christmas”, “to be at Kindy”, That elfie is watching us”, “my mum and dad”, “my family”, “my beautiful teacher”.


This afternoon we practised our songs for our Christmas party and finished off this mornings activities. We then decided to have a dance party to say goodbye to Noah! Friends enjoys showing off their moves. Once they got tired they played quiet activities on the tables- puzzles and drawing were the chosen activities.



  • Please make sure your child brings their own hat– this will stop the spread of headlice as friends end up sharing the spare hats.
  • Please make sure you have spare clothes in your child’s bag for water play with it getting hot!
  • Christmas Party is the Thursday 17th December 3pm-4pm in the Kindy Yard. Please inform Miss Kate if you are not attending



Have a wonderful day

Miss Kate, Mr Rei and Mr Hiroshi