Kindergarten One


What a lovely sunny cold winters morning!

We started this morning off outside, Olivia was busy in the mud kitchen creating a delicious pie. Ezekiel was happy sitting at the table eating his yummy banana bread. Hunter and Hugo were busy making a huge castle out of the blocks- it was very high! Abbie and Lucca were manipulating the puzzles and concentrating to successfully complete each one. Junior, Luca, Shayaan and Rhys were racing around the yard warming up by playing chase. Vanessa, Bella and Noa were drawing some beautiful pictures for their Mum.

Once inside we worked through our normal morning routine, we sang the days of the week and Junior told us it was Thursday, Hunter told us it was 11th and Olivia informed us it was July. Charlize then told us we were in winter and she checked the weather for us. We recapped our sounds and practised “w”. We thought of lots of new “w” worlds












Miss Sam then came to visit and took us down to the front yard, we practised our colours by jumping on them and throwing the bean bags on the correct colours. We then worked as a team to use the parachute and throw the bean bags up and down.

Once back we chose our activities, this morning we did indoor/outdoor. The messy tray was full of corn flour and baby oil that Miss Karla had used- we wanted to have a go and see how it felt. Lucca said it was soft and Rhys said he thinks it feels and looks like snow. Abbie and Junior finished their Boomerangs off, using dot painting. Charlize and Luca used the new playdough mats and created the word “NAIDOC”. Hunter and Troy used the blocks to make a garden and a house. Vanessa and Bella were building the train track and attaching the trains together to make them longer. Miss Kate had some friends helping her with the next part of the snake, we painted it black and then stuck, red, yellow and orange sticks on it.

This afternoon Harper made a house with a chimney that come off out of the lego, Abbie sat and used her fantastic problem-solving skills to complete one of our new NAIDOC puzzles. Troy and Hunter helped Miss Kate finish off the snake body.  Other friends sat with Miss Kim practising their letters and numbers. Children then requested to do our monster dancing, we practised our amazing dance moves by doing the wobbly man, Banana, Banana Meat ball and get loose.


Thanks for a fun day of learning

Miss Kate and Miss Nicole.

Written by Kindy Room 2