7am-9am: INDOOR ACTIVITIES-  Today the children started their day doing music note craft with Miss Hollie . Some children enjoyed playing WHO AM I with Miss Luma on the mat. Other children enjoyed relaxing with a book or free drawing. When the weather warmed up a bit and Mr Peter finished doing the finishing touches on the roof, Miss Hollie set up outside and we all had a free play in the yard. Most of us enjoyed playing some tag with our friends or relaxing on the forte bridge.

9am-9.30am: MORNING TEA-  Today for morning tea we enjoyed sultanas, watermelon and yummy chocolate slice.

9.30am-12pm: BELC HAS THE VOICE-  The children had so much fun with the microphone today. Some got stage fright but that is OK because we gathered into groups and got our sing on together. The boys and girls had a sing off. They all sang so great and it was too hard for the judges, Miss Cindy, Miss Hollie and Miss Claudia to choose a winner. The songs the children all chose to sing today included Rock-in Robin, Aint no sunshine, Believer, Smooth criminal, Frozen-let it go, Moana songs, Thunder, Raining Tacos, Watermelon sugar, Heal the world, Cover me in sunshine, 1000 miles, You are my sunshine and Veeda’s own song about bee’s. Some of the children noticed some of the Kindy 1 children watching us through the window and suggested we invite them outside to have a sing with us. 7 of our Kindy 1 friends joined us and had fun singing some songs for us. They liked singing us their graduation song, HERMAN THE WORM, ABC Song and a moana song. After we finished our singing we all joined in for a game of musical chairs and then Musical statues. Kindy 1 and OSHC all did such great singing today. Good job friends.

12pm-12.30pm: LUNCH-  Today we enjoyed Lasagna, carrot, cheese, beetroot and corn for lunch today.

12.30pm-1pm: CHILL TIME- During chill time today the children who had devices were able to spend time on them. The other children relaxed with some quiet board games.

1pm-3pm: GYM/ OUTDOOR GROUP GAMES- Miss Gabby took the older children to the gym 1st today for some gymnastics fun. During this time the younger children all selected to have a game of silent ball and Musical statues with Miss Hollie. When the younger children had their turn with Miss Gabby in the gym, the older children played silent ball with Miss Hollie. Miss Hollie added some difficult rules here and there for the children to follow, making their game a little more challenging.

3pm-3.30pm: AFTERNOON TEA- Afternoon tea today was apples, rockmelon, oranges and crackers.

3.30pm-6.30pm: INDOOR/OUTDOOR FREE PLAY- This afternoon we made the most of the yard until it started raining. The children had fun playing tag with their friends. When it started raining we moved to under the new roof and had a game of silent ball and listened to some more music. It was another great day in Vacation Care, we all had so much fun singing all day. Thanks friends.

Miss Cindy and Miss Hollie!!