7am-9am: INDOOR/OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES- Good morning everybody and happy Thursday! Unfortunately Miss Cindy is away today, but we were lucky to have Mr Don with Miss Hollie today. We were suppose to be having a picnic day at the botanical gardens but due to the whether, we did have to cancel it ,but this didn’t stop us from having a fun day!  We kicked off today with the children having a choice of board games, stencil drawings or free play with Mr Don in the morning.

9am-9.30am: MORNING TEA- Today’s morning tea, again, was a healthy delicious one! We had coconut chocolate slice, with a side of strawberries and bananas.

9.30-12pm- GROUP INDOOR SPORT GAMES- . Today we have had the privilege to use the down stairs gym as our room, because they are doing the final touches on the roof, and it is rainy outside.  Mr Don and Miss Immy sat with the children and started playing 21. This game started off with everyone sitting in a circle. Each person would go around in order and say a number, whoever is stuck saying the number 21, you would lose a leg (by tucking under your bottom ), if you lost both legs then you are out. The winner of this game was Volicia. The next game was silent ball. The children stood around the room, if you did a bad throw you’re out, if you didn’t catch it, you’re out, and if you talk you are out! As the game progresses and more people get out, we make rules like you have to stand on one leg, or catch the ball with one hand. We played 2 rounds of his, but of course Mr Don won! We then had board game time! Some children enjoyed playing monopoly, while others enjoyed connect 4, twister and pictureka. Some even enjoyed just chilling on some foam.

12pm-12.30pm: LUNCH- Today for lunch we did something a little different, because we didnt get to go to the park, we were fortunate enough to have a BBQ at BELC. While Mr Don was busy cooking the sausages and Miss Hollie buttering the bread, the children all washed their hands and sat them selves down on the picnic mat with their drink bottle and plate ready to go. We had beef sausages on buttered bread with their choice of sauce. Some of the children were still hungry so they were offered vegan meatballs with a side of roast potato and roast sweet potato.

12.30pm-1pm: CHILL TIME- For todays chill time, the children either got to go on their device for half an hour or just relax for half an hour doing drawing or reading.

1pm-3pm: GYM/OUTDOOR GROUP ACTIVITIES- While the younger children got to go to gym first today, the older children were playing a game with Mr Don and Miss Hollie. This game consisted of someone being a runner, while the others sat with their feet in the foam pit. The aim of the game was someone was running across the room while the sitting people had one chance to throw a foam cube at them while running. After this game was finished Mr Don sat the children down and gave them 10 mins to draw on a piece of paper their favorite memory and why. They then shared with their class. While the older children then went to gym, we did the same activities with the younger ones.

3pm-3.30pm: AFTERNOON TEA- Todays afternoon tea was watermelon, banana, apples with pretzels and crackers.

3.30pm-6.30pm: OUTDOOR FREE PLAY- For afternoon time, we started off with playing a game of charades. This was full of laughter. We had some cards made by Miss Hollie and the children drew them at random. Some of the charades cards included animals such as a lion, we had cockroach, eating spaghetti, Micheal Jackson and even Mr Don! After our hour game of Charades we just had a fun afternoon of free play outside as the construction on the roof is finally completed! Thank you for an eventful, fun day and see you all tomorrow again, with Miss Hollie and Miss Don.