7am-9am: INDOOR CRAFT ACTIVITIES- To start our Colour day off we decorated our own canvas with neon splat/spray paints with Miss Hollie. We all had awesome unique ideas for their designs. After doing our craft we all enjoyed some free play in the yard.

9am-9.30am: MORNING TEA- Today the children enjoyed banana, strawberries and chocolate muffins for morning tea.

9.30am-10.30am- TIE DYING-  The children all did an amazing job tie dying the calico library bags supplied by BELC. We were running a little behind so Miss Cindy twisted each back and tied the bags up ready for the children to apply the colour and make them bright as can be. The children finished applying the colour and Miss Hollie then wrapped them in cling wrap. We let them soak wrapped up for the day while we continued with the rest of our planned fun activities.

10.30am-11.45pm: COLOUR RUN- We all walked together with Miss Cindy and Miss Hollie across the road to the shady grassed area near the netball courts for our colourful fun play. Instead of doing a long fun run we decided to get covered with the powdered dye during a game of bull rush. Miss Cindy and Miss Hollie were in the middle with the dye bottles, ready to cover us when they yelled bull rush and we all ran to the other side past them. When we used up all our dye we all enjoyed a game of hide and seek tag amongst the trees. At 11.45am we gathered under the shade of the trees for Miss Cindy to mark the roll. We then all walked back to BELC together.

12pm-12.30pm: LUNCH- Lunch today was delicious veggie slice, meatballs, chicken balls and a salad bar including corn, cucumber, tomatoes and cheese cubes.

12.30pm-1pm: CHILL TIME- In chill time today those children who had their own devices were able to play on them and they all chose a friend to join them. Other children enjoyed reading books with or to their friends.

1pm-3pm: GYM/GROUP ACTIVITIES- Miss Kim and Miss Gabby took a group of children for a session in the Tumble Tots gym while the other children played some of their favorite group games with Miss Hollie. The games today the children chose to play were stuck in the mud, silent ball and hide and seek.

3pm-3.30pm: AFTERNOON TEA- The children enjoyed grapes, oranges, watermelon, rice cakes and crackers for afternoon tea today.

3.30pm-6.30pm: PLAYGROUND- This afternoon the children enjoyed free play in the yard until it was time to go home. Miss Hollie coloured some of the children’s hair with coloured hair spray while some children had fun doing Arakan with Mr Dan. Other children had fun riding the scooters and playing in the sand pit.

Thanks guys for a great colourful Thursday in Vacation Care…. Miss Cindy and Miss Hollie!!