7AM-9AM INDOOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES- Good morning and happy Friday! Who’s ready for the long weekend? We started off today indoors as it was pouring last night so its still abit wet out. Miss Hollie and Miss Luma had set out puzzles, word searches, colouring’s and games. Miss Luma and Axl smashed out a big puzzle in 40 minutes! Good job guys! The game “What Am I?” and twister were again, a big hit! Around 8:30 we transitioned outside, as it hasn’t rained in a few hours and they needed a run around. Mr Don decided to do a quick game of 21 before we had morning tea. We then all washed our hands, grabbed our drink bottles and sat down at the tables ready for morning tea.

9AM-9:30AM MORNING TEA-  Todays morning tea was mango and strawberries with yogurt with cheerios.

9:30AM-12:00PM GROUP ACTIVITIES-  Today was sport day for us so we slapped on some sunscreen, grabbed our hats and water bottles and walked in our one line over to the netball courts. We then sent the children to do a warm up lap around the courts. Miss Hollie and Mr Don then divided the children into 2 teams which the teams also got one teacher each. Our first game was tunnel ball. Mr Don’s team came in second place with the time of 1 minute 13 seconds and Miss Hollie’s team coming in first place with a time of 1 minute 12 seconds! What a close game! Our second game was relay races. This was so competitive. And again, with Miss Hollie’s team coming first place, Mr Don’s in second. Our third and final game was bull rush! This was so exhausting but so worth it! All we could see was smiles and sweat! We then cooled off, gathered our belongings and headed over back to BELC where we then had free play until lunch.

12PM-12:30PM LUNCH TIME- Todays lunch was vegan nachos with a side of shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, cucumber and pineapple

12:30PM-1PM CHILL TIME- For chill time the children were allowed on their devices for half an hour or play boardgames or drawing.

1PM-3PM GYMNASTICS/ OUTDOOR PLAY- Today Miss Gabby from the gym decided to take both halves of the class at the same time so the children got a 2 hour gym lesson today! How lucky are we and what a great way to end the week, thanks Miss Gabby.

3PM-3:30PM- AFTERNOON TEA-  For afternoon tea today we got to have coconut oatmeal chocolate slice with apples and watermelon.

3:30PM-6PM- OUTDOOR FREE PLAY- For our fun Friday afternoon we played charades again. We then decided to have a free play afternoon. The kids were given the opportunity to play with whatever they like to end off our vacation care.

Thank you Vacation care for an amazing 2 weeks. We are so grateful to have the opportunities that we were able to have. We appreciate how well you all behaved and how you respected us teachers. See you guys next holidays for some more fun!

Miss Hollie and Mr Don xx