Hi Senior kindy families,

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to you all – my name is Jessy Woolston; I have lived on the gold coast for 15 years and have a long background in working with children in the long day care setting, nannying roles, dance teaching and children’s party entertainment. I am currently studying my bachelor’s in psychology (with intentions to further a career in child psychology). I am extremely passionate about children’s learning through exploration and play. I encourage imagination and self-discovery while endeavouring to make their little lives ones that are filled with curiosity and excitement. I look forward to building relationships with you and your child while creating special and rich memories throughout this year. 🙂 


Out side in the yard this morning Leo and Noah were pretending to bake birthday cakes in the yard. Noah sang Leo happy birthday and Leo pretended to be asleep and to wake up to his cakes to blow out the candles. Extending on from this we baked real cupcakes with the children inside. As a group we looked at ingredients (egg, butter, milk, flour, sugar etc.) and the method (what do we need to put into the bowl first?) Thomas, lennox, ciaro and Elsie said that this was their favorite thing that we did all day.

Matilda insisted that we use Miss Cindys dress ups today and do some dancing. Kora, Maggie and Matilda interacted with each other around the room dressed as princesses. “you stay here and I’ll bring the food outside” Matilda said to Kora and Maggie as she walked into home corner to pack a picnic for the girls. Maggie said her favorite thing today was dancing to the music with the dress ups.

Saskia said sports was her favorite thing of the day today. She was doing great jumping during sports; she was able to run and jump with both feet in the air and land comfortably.

Leo was keen to have a play with the musical instruments today. The children made awesome loud music while interacting with lots of smiles and eye contact with one another.

Taking alex, felix, jaden, steve, Thomas, Ethan and Noah M’s interest in playing with the cars further; Miss Jessy set up the car track mat on the tables. This changed the environment (and level) of where the boys were playing with them. We are going to continue to evolve this interest into other environments and down different avenues.  Thomas, Ethan and Alex both vocalized that cars was their favorite thing we did today!

Written by seniorkindy room