Question of JUNE…

Would you like us to extend on your weekend experiences with your child in our room during the week?

If so, I can send home a template to be brought back on Monday (or first day back for the week) and we can incorporate your outside of kindy experiences into our program. 

Please fill the containers at the front with the colored counters 🙂


The children were playing with the dolls house this morning in the yard so continuing on from this interest we got out all the small houses we could find. We had a tree house out, a smaller dolls house, two barns, the dolls house in our room and all the little people and farm animals. This area had every single child involved and playing on the mat.

There was a lot of dramatic play happening in small groups, individually and children moving from group to group with their games and including other childsren. Luna and Nylahs barbies were running away from monsters, Thomas. M was playing with the farm animals and his cow saved lunas barbie from the monster. Ethan, Rothko, Noah. A and Jaden were playing with the tree house one. They used the farm animals and the cars, Would you believe that Jadens car was able to help Noahs pig get out of the mud!!

Leo and Noah. M were playing mums and dads with the farm people in their house while Lennox was pretending to spray oil over the land with the phone from home corner, don’t worry though because Rothko fought back with the action man and saved the village! This whole class experience soon moved into home corner were Alex and Felix were playing peek a boo in the oven, Noah. A was making coffee for Marisa and Maggie and Rothko. Thomas. M was filling up cups of water and bringing it over to Alex, Felix and Nate.

We also has had the playdough out today. Lennox, Alex and Felix were all rolling theirs into small balls and rolling them around on the table surface.

We also made hot air balloons with Miss Cindy. Luna said she has seen hot air balloons in the sky so we created our very own, decorating them however we wanted to. We are going to hang these up and let them fly around our room – thanks for the inspiration Luna – this was an art experience enjoyed by all!

Have a brilliant weekend!


Written by Outside School Hours Care