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This morning in the yard Felix was carrying around a koala toy and holding him very gently. “He is sick” Felix said to Miss Jo, Miss Jo suggested they go and find a band aid to help make him better. Felix patched up the Koala with a band aid, wrapped him in a blanket and continued to sooth and gentle nurse the koala back to full health. This sparked an interest amongst the other children. They were coming over to see what was going on. Alex gently touched the Koalas head, Matilda was asking “what’s wrong with him?” He fell off the slide” Felix said. Cairo, Ethan, Leo and Austin all gathered around looking.

Miss Cindy set up a hospital inside for activity time extending on this experience in yard with Felix and the sick Koala. We had all different sorts of animals, set up beds made from tea towels, got more band aids and some nutritious foods to heal to the body. Jaden, Bethany, Luna, Mackenzie, Shona, Noah. M, Elsie, Rothko all participated sticking band aids onto their animals – EVERYONE was a part of this experience today 😊

We started Activity books today! these books have been brought into our programme as an extended interest from Ethan at home. The books we have done up are to the first stages of use beginning to learn to write. They are filled with pages of dotted lines, swirling, straight, some made of shapes, like circles, squares, triangles and stars, and a colouring in. Everyone has their very own and were going to work on them in small groups together.

To Add: we have had so many ‘yes’ coins in the yes container for our questions of the month (displayed at the front door) and already have received one back from Matilda! I have a new clipboard set up next to our sign in one and next to the ‘interests for the week’ book. These are for you to grab whenever you like, whether this be on the weekend, or days that your child isn’t at kindy. We want to encourage story telling amongst the children, sharing past events, celebrating exciting news and learning about each other on a deeper level. We share these during our group times, and they create so much conversation. So, no matter what it is, we want you to share! 😊

Thanks for your involvement and input into the room!

What else went on….

  • Yoga
  • Group time songs
  • Self-care practices
  • Wiping face
  • Packing away after MT
  • Packing our drink bottles away
  • Manners and using them correctly
  • Animals and cars on the mat
  • Building car sets
  • Self-help skills with putting our own shoes and socks on.
  • Dancing in the yard – Music and movement
  • Good morning songs:
  • Acknowledgement to country
  • Days of the week
  • How are you feeling
  • What’s the date today?
  • What is the weather doing today?


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