This Morning in the yard Jack and Nate were busy together playing with the dinosaurs and cars in the pirate ship, there was some container set up with water and herbs in this area and using their imaginations the boys turned this into dramatic play that we for the duration of the morning. Alex and Felix sat together with the picnic rug and shared pieces of the cake from home corner. Mia told Miss Cindy that she was making sand castles in the and pit as she was adding sand and water into the buckets. Ethan was riding the motor bikes around “watch me Cindy” he said while doing some cool motorbike tricks ;).

Kora, Mackenzie and Frankie were playing frozen games together pretending to be Elsa and using the blankets outside as capes. The girls took turns pulling each other around on the blanket rein acting the snow scene from the movie.

Shona, Marisa, Saskia, Mia, Frankie, Mackenzie and Kora moved onto the picnic rug while Alex, Felix, Steve and Bosheng transferred over to the bikes and Tonka trucks as the morning progressed. The girls set up the rug with plates, food and drinking cups (which the filled with water from the drinking tap). Kora was sharing her cake with Shona and Marisa was helping Mackenzie give the plates out to the other girls.  

Miss Jessy extended on the children’s (Noah, Leo, Alex, Felix, Steve, Bosheng, Lenny, Ethan) lasting interest in transport, trucks, cars, and exploration by bringing in a small sand pit from outside and setting it up with mini diggers and trucks. The children explored this area with enthusiasm, and it held their attention for the duration of activity time today. they were left to explore and play amongst themselves with little input from educators.

Miss Cindy set up free painting on the table. the children got to use all the colours to create whatever they desired on a large piece of paper. This activity was predominantly popular amongst the girls with Maggie, Mia, Mackenzie, Nylah, Saskia, Bethany, Beth, Kora and Marissa all doing a painting along with Lenny, Thomas and Ethan.

Our day was filled with free choice and we all couldn’t wait for our Easter party in the afternoon – it was the build-up of the day!

Written by seniorkindy room