This morning was filled with child lead activities. Matilda was keen to get the dress ups out. Ethan, Leo, Matilda, Luna, and Marisa all dressed up in multiple costumes but the animals were the most popular choice!

Lennox asked to do some painting and we used this experience to generate a lot of conversation around colors, mixing colors to make other colors and discuss what the children were creating on their blank canvas! Maggie said she was painting outside!

Felix, Alex, Austin, Rothko, Maggie and Marisa were playing with the farm animals on the mat while Jaden, Noah, and Rothko played with the toy cars.

Luna, Noah and Elsie all got creative in the free writing area exercising their pincer grips, fine motor skills and imaginations!

In the yard today Miss Jessy set up less toys for the children to encourage their imagination to run wild with the natural resources available to us. We watered the gardens, made houses out of the bark in the garden, Played pirates on the forte and engaged intently with the story books.

There was a lot more interaction between the children during play time in yard this afternoon and it was beautiful to see bonding and connection among the educators and the children!


Written by seniorkindy room