Today Rothko got the farm animals out. He was separating them into groups of mummys, daddys and babies. Austin and Leo joined in and the began to make families out of the animals. There was lots of cow, pig, horse and dinosaur noises.

Lenny set up a tea party with matilda in home corner, this grew into a big affair with Luna, Mackenzie, Bethany, Elsie and Shona all joining in. Soon Leo was involved, and everyone was making tea and serving cakes!

Maggie wanted playdough again today so that’s exactly what we did. Miss Emma helped us make a fresh batch up. Lennox, Noah, Alex and Lenny all rushed over to get involved. The children rolled their play dough up into small balls and long snakes.

Felix, Jaden, Ethan, Cairo, had the cars out on and were using them in the dolls house. It seemed today instead of using the people in the house the cars came to life and adapted into human like form themselves. The drove around, flew and spoke to each other. They also got put into beds and drove up and down the stain case.

Because today was all about free play and children’s choice the educators supported and scaffolded learning based on the children’s interests and choices. Talking about using nice words, watching our tone, practicing respecting personal space and becoming aware of inclusion – supporting everyone to feel included in the game and belonging in the room. Because friendships are forming its an important time to help scaffold the children’s schemas around others feelings and the displaying of our own!

Sorry there are no photos of our day today, was had problems uploading them. We will, as always, endeavor to include these in tomorrows blog.

Thanks for being apart of our community parents! 😊

Written by Outside School Hours Care