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As soon as everyone had finished eating their morning tea they were able to follow their own interests, playing and socialising with their friends, finding the different activities they wished to play with.

Mackenzie, Kora & Elsie set up the drawing table were they were able to colour, cut and chat together as they used their imaginations to draw lots of different things.

Jayden, Leo, Masato, Alex & Felix used the colourful race track to build a track, once Jayden thought the track was finished he got the box of small cars and took them over to share with all his friends.

Austin, Rothko, Maggie & Marisa enjoyed home corner, cooking food for each other having nice little conversations while they all sat at the table.

Shona, Bethany, Matilda & Luna had a great time playing with the little animal/people houses. They were navigating the little people through the houses giving them babies & pets to also look after.

Lenny, Luna & Noah had a bit of time playing the the matching cards, finding the same pictures and things they should go together.

Miss Tegan did a fun Halloween craft activity making spider webs using a carboard octagon with holes in each corner. The children were given wool to thread through the holes crossing it over. This activity helps with fine motor skills along with hand eye coordination. Threading is a skill senior kindy are developing very well, the children that participated in the activity showed they can thread by holding the wool in a pincer grip & threading it through the holes. This will help them later in life as they are learning to hold their pencil correctly to write their own names. Bethany, Jayden, Lennox, Maggie, Elsie, Kora, Alex, Felix, Marisa, Masato, Mackenzie, Luna, Lenny & Matilda were the children that chose to take part in this activity.