It was lovely to see so many happy faces at kindy today!

Senior Kindy were all eager to begin exploring the yard this morning.

Lily, Chloe, Lena, Poppy and Isla enjoyed reading some books with Miss Claudia. They loved reading green eggs and ham. Asking Miss Claudia to read it three times.

Charles, Lincoln and Marley enjoyed time on the bikes. They practiced pushing their feet on the pedals to make the bikes go faster.

Lucas and Noah made their way straight to the sandpit and found the green trucks. They enjoyed pushing the trucks around the yard picking up things of the ground and placing them in the back of their trucks.

At 9:30am we made our way inside, as we got inside, we saw Miss Hayley waiting for us. Wednesday is yoga day. Senior Kindy put all their belongings away and sat on the mat and followed Miss Hayley’s instructions very carefully. To begin yoga, Senior kindy focused on their breathing, they closed their eyes and took three big breaths in and out. Miss Hayley then introduced us to some different yoga moves using her ABC yoga book. To finish yoga, Senior Kindy laid very still on their backs listening to so quiet calm music and Miss Hayley’s words. Senior kindy were very relaxed after yoga today, they quietly turned around to face Miss Stacie and got ready for a short group time.

Senior Kindy begun with their usual morning group time routine. Days of the week: Lily shared with her friends that today is Wednesday, Poppy then stood up next to Miss Stacie and helped her friends sing the days of the week song. Month: Charles knew that the month was January, and the year was 2021! Together Senior Kindy say the months of the year song. Weather: Everyone knew that it was very sunny and hot outside today! Senior kindy were very hungry after a big play outside and yoga, Miss Stacie transitioned us to the bathroom ready to was our hands for morning tea.

As we finished morning tea, we packed away and got straight into activities.

Senior Kindy continued with colour recognition today. This Week is YELLOW week. Miss Stacie organised some yellow collage at the table. Chloe, Lincoln, Lena, Poppy, Isla and Lily put on their art smocks and begun painting all the different letters. Miss Stacie asked what colour they were using today? Lincoln and Chloe replied YELLOW! Poppy, Isla, Lily, Chloe, Lena and Lincoln made sure to cover all the letters with the yellow paint and glue before collaging all the different letters in yellow feathers, patty pans, crepe paper and pom poms.

Marley and Dilan spent lots of time at the loose parts table, they found a bowl in home corner and bought it over to the table. They used the tweezers to transfer the loose parts materials into the bowl. They then used the spoon to mix the loose parts all up before using the tweezers to sort the loose parts back into the correct places.

Lucas, Noah and Charles, spent their morning racing the cars around the mat. They enjoyed sitting at one end of the mat and sing how far they could push the cars along the mat.

After such a fun morning we helped to pack away the room. We then joined Miss Stacie on the mat for a group time before lunch. Together, Senior Kindy spoke about all the fun things they had done this morning. Miss Stacie then held up some different coloured flash cards. As Miss Stacie went through each colour Senior Kindy thought of different things that were the same colour. Charles said that corn is yellow, Marley said that carrots are orange, Lily said that trees are green, Lincoln found a red and pink block on the shelf and held them up.

After looking at all the different colours, Miss Stacie transitioned us off the mat ready to make our beds and get ready for lunch!

Thank you Senior Kindy for a wonderful Wednesday

Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie xx