Our story…

It was such a beautiful day in the Senior Kindy room today, with lots of happy friends arriving at kindy!

Today was yoga day with Miss Hayley. After our morning tea, we joined Miss Hayley on the mat quietly ready for yoga. During yoga today, we practiced our breathing by trying to blow a pom pom across the mat, taking big breaths in and out. Senior Kindy also practiced their stretching reaching high into the sky and then touching their toes.

After yoga, we said a big thank you to Miss Hayley before turning around to face Miss Stacie for our morning group time. Miss Stacie begun by singing the days of the week song and asking if anyone knew what the day was today? Lily told everyone that the day today is Wednesday. Miss Stacie then sung the months of the year song, as we finished singing Charles told everyone that the month is February, Isla added that the year is 2021! Miss Stacie then explained the activities for the day before transitioning us off the mat ready for activity time.

During activity time today, we continued with our family portraits. Zach, Lena, Lily, Lucas, Dilan and Noah joined Miss Stacie at the table and begun drawing pictures of their families. As they were busy drawing, they told Miss Stacie about who they were drawing a picture of.

Isla, Chloe, Lena, Poppy, Lincoln and Marley spent their morning on the mat constructing with the Lego. They all worked so well together to create a super tall and stable tower.

Charles, Chloe, Isla, Poppy and Lily enjoyed some quiet time in book corner reading lots of books. Charles and Chloe sat next to each other on the reading chair and enjoyed looking at the book called fly by.

Thank you Senior Kindy for a wonderful Wednesday

Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie xx