Our story…

Welcome a beautiful day in the Senior kindy room with Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie.

After we finished our morning tea, we joined Miss Claudia on the mat for group time. To begin our morning group time we sung our days of the week song to figure out what day it is today. Rocco told his friends that it was Tuesday today. We then had a look at what month it is. Charles knew that the month had changed and it is now February. Both Marley and Livinia told Miss Claudia that it is very hot and sunny outside today.

Miss Claudia then read a book call Family is like a cake. Senior Kindy then spoke about their families and how they are all different. As we transitioned off the mat, Miss Claudia asked us who is in our Families?

  • Isla- Daddy, Mummy and Georgia
  • Lincoln- Lachlan, Mum and Dad
  • Nicholas- Mumma, Dad and Olivia
  • Chloe- Mummy, Daddy and Jaden
  • Charles- Mummy, Charles, Daddy and Christopher
  • Lena- Mummy, Daddy and Brother
  • poppy- Mummy, Daddy and Veeda
  • Quinn- Mum, Dad and Toby
  • Marley- Mummy, Daddy and Haven
  • Rocco- Mummy, Daddy and Arlo
  • Lucas- Mum and Dad
  • Livinia- Mum, Dad and Lennox
  • Ziah- Daddy, Mummy and Zayden

For activity time today, Miss Stacie set the table up with some texters, pencils and paper. Miss Stacie then invited each of us to the to draw a picture of our Families. All of Senior Kindy had a turn at the table drawing their families, as they were busy drawing, they were telling Miss Stacie who they were drawing pictures of and what colour they chose to use to draw them.

On the little table, Miss Claudia placed a tray with some paper clips in it. Marley, Isla, Lincoln, Rocco, Chloe and Nicholas came over to the table and begun exploring what was inside the tray. They then begun feeling the paper clips in their hands and making them fall back into the tray like rain. As they were exploring the paper paper clips, Marley and Isla noticed that you could attach the paper clips to each other and created a long chain of paper clips.

On the mat, Lena, Lucas, Poppy, Charles and Quinn were busy constructing with blocks. They spent lots of time constructing lots of different objects such as towers, dinosaurs, cars and hammers.

Chloe, Livinia and Ziah enjoyed some quiet time in book corner today. They loved looking at all the different books on the book shelf and the book that Miss Claudia read this morning (family is like a cake)

thank you Senior Kindy for a wonderful Tuesday

Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie xx