Our Story…

Senior Kindy got to help celebrate two birthdays today! Quinn and Livinia both shared their birthday with their friends today by bringing in birthday cakes. Senior Kindy sang Quinn and Livinia Happy Birthday and watched as they blew out their candles. A big Happy Birthday 3rd Birthday to Livinia and Quinn!

As we finished morning tea our delicious, we joined Miss Claudia on the mat for a group time. To begin our group time today, Miss Claudia said Good Morning to everyone. We discussed what day it was today, and we sang our days of the week song. Lucas knew that today was Tuesday! We then had a look at the weather chart and decided that it was a little big sunny and cloudy again today!

Miss Claudia then read us a story called the day the crayons quit. Senior Kindy had a look at all the different things in the book that were blue, before looking around the room and identifying all the different blue objects. Miss Claudia then explained all the different activities for the day and transitioned us off the mat.

Continuing with the colour blue, Miss Claudia set the table up with some paper and blue crayons, texters and pencils.  Senior Kindy were all very excited to begin creating their master pieces. As the sat at the table, Miss Claudia gave them a piece of paper and asked if they could draw something that bis blue? Livinia, Lincoln, Rocco, Lucas, Isla, Poppy, Chloe, Marley, Quinn, Nicholas, Charles and Lena came to the table and begun drawing lots of different pictures.

As they each finished their drawings, Miss Claudia asked what they had drawn a picture of?

  • Nicholas- Dinosaur
  • Marley- Water
  • Chloe- Rain
  • Charles- Rain
  • Livinia- Water, fish and a car
  • Lincoln- a shark
  • Rocco- Rain
  • Lucas- Water
  • Isla- a blue sea horse
  • Poppy- Elsa
  • Quinn- Rain
  • Lena- Clouds and a sad face

Once Senior Kindy finished their drawings, they ventured off and chose different activities around the room. Marley, Chloe, Lena, Nicholas, Poppy and Isla enjoyed time in the loose parts area, using the tweezers and spoons to transfer all the different materials from one place to another. They then found the clip boards with paper and pencils on it and begun drawing pictures of what they could see on the table.

Charles, Quinn, Lucas, Rocco and Lincoln spent lots of time on the mat constructing with the lego. They all worked together to create big castle and a race car. Livinia was having so much fun drawing at the table, she got the different coloured textas off the shelf and begun drawing a beautiful picture to take home to her mummy and daddy.

After such a fun morning, we helped Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie pack away the room. We then joined Miss Stacie on the mat for some singing, before getting ready to make our beds and enjoy some delicious lunch.

Thank you Senior Kindy for a wonderful Tuesday

Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie xx