Our story…


Welcome to another beautiful day in the Senior Kindy room with Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie.


To continue with colour recognition, Miss Stacie prepared some super soft red playdough and placed it at the table with different red materials around the table. Lucas, Isla, Lena, Poppy, Charles, Quinn, Lincoln, Livinia, Nicholas, Chloe and Marley all came to the table and begun manipulating the playdough into lots of different red objects.



  • Lincoln and Quinn created scary red sharks.
  • Charles and Livinia made big red cars.
  • Marley made a dolphin.
  • Poppy created red strawberries.
  • Lucas created a ball.
  • Isla made a little squirrel.
  • Lena made sausages.
  • Chole created a big spider.
  • Nicholas made an elephant.

Senior Kindy also enjoyed engaging in lots of fun self-select activities. Marley, Charles, Quinn, Lucas, Livinia, Lincoln and Chloe enjoyed constructing with Lego. Marley told Miss Stacie that he had created a blower to blow all the leaves away.  Lena, Poppy, Isla and Nicholas enjoyed time in home corner, using the pretend knives to cut up all the different fruit and veggies.

After our big play, we helped Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie pack way all the toys around the room. Senior kindy then joined Miss Claudia on the mat for a group time. Poppy ask Miss Claudia if we could sing some songs. Together Senior Kindy sang Miss Polly had a dolly, ABC, incy wincy spider and open shut them. As we were singing, Miss Stacie laid our beds and sheets around the room. One at a time, Senior Kindy had a try at making their beds all by themselves. Senior Kindy did so well only needing a little bit of help!!

Thank you Senior Kindy for a wonderful Tuesday

Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie xx