Our story…

Senior Kindy loved using up all their energy in the yard this morning. As the children arrived at kindy they put on their hat and got straight into play.

On the mat with Miss Nicole, Nicholas, Lincoln and Marely enjoyed constructing with blocks. They were busy constructing towers, blowers, dinosaurs and trucks.

Chloe, Poppy, Livinia, Phoenix and Lena enjoyed time on the swing. They asked Miss Claudia to push them higher and higher!

David, Lucas and Alex had a fun morning in the sandpit. David and Alex worked together to dig a big hole, when they finished they filled the hole back up and then made a big sandcastle. Lucas had fun with the truck, he filled the back of the trucks with sand and raced it around to the other side of the pirate ship and tipped it out.

At 9:15am Senior Kindy followed Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie inside and got ready for some delicious morning tea.

As we finished morning tea, we joined Miss Claudia on the mat for a group time. To begin our group time today, Miss Claudia said Good Morning to everyone. We discussed what day it was today, and we sang our days of the week song. Chloe knew that today was Thursday! We then had a look at the weather chart and decided that it was a sunny and cloudy day today. Chloe asked if we could read a book today, she walked over to the bookshelf and chose the book called Bin chicken, for Miss Claudia to read. Senior Kindy loved reading this book. Rocco shared with his friends that he has seen a bin chicken at the park. Miss Claudia then explained the activities for the day before transitioning us off the mat.

For our transition, Miss Claudia introduced name recognition. One at a time, Miss Claudia held up a name card while saying their name, as they heard and saw their name, senior kindy went and found an activity to engage in.

After group time, Miss Claudia invited Senior Kindy to the table. Livinia, Marley, Nicholas, Lincoln, Lucas, Phoenix, Poppy, Chloe, Lena, Rocco and David gathered around the table. Miss Claudia showed them the different materials that they need to create the rain in the jar. Marely pointed out that the food colouring was BLUE!!

Firstly we poured some water into the jar and created a cloud on top using shaving cream. Lincoln told Miss Claudia that it looks like a cupcake! We then very carefully dropped some blue food colouring on top of the shaving cream. Together we watch patiently to see what was going to happen. As we watch, we saw as the blue food colouring dropped through the shaving cream and into the water. Nicholas was quick to tell his friends that “its raining!”

We added more and more food colouring to create more rain, until the water was all blue.

Alex and Dilan enjoyed time this morning playing with the cars. They stood at either sides of the table and begun racing the car between each other. Senior Kindy also enjoyed dancing, reading books, home corner and block construction

After our fun morning, we helped Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie pack away the room. We then joined Miss Stacie and Phoenix on the mat. Phoenix had bought in some special show and tell to share with his friends today. Phoenix held up a container and told his friends that he bought in a bug and it stinks, Phoenix then bought the container around to all of his friends so that they could have a look.

Senior Kindy then enjoyed some singing with Miss Stacie, they each took turns telling Miss Stacie what songs they wanted to sing.

Thank you Senior Kindy for a wonderful Thursday

Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie xx