Senior Kindy Daily Blog

Date:  14th of December 2020

Interests– The children are enjoying Christmas craft, Christmas dough,Construction.

Teacher initiated– To extend on the children’s interest in Santa the children have been enjoying Christmas craft and Christmas glitter dough.

Parent input-

Centre PhilosophyCentre Philosophy- Learning Experiences connect with and extend children’s way of knowing, skill’s and understandings which they bring with them from home and the community to the early childhood setting.

Our Story-

This morning it was very wet outside, so the children combined with pre kindy and played with various activities around the room.  Lilo, Leo, Mason, Ryder and Jack enjoyed building with lego pieces and Malia and Henri loved playing with magnetic shapes. After our morning outdoors we all sat at the door and took our shoes off and made our way inside for group time with Miss Bianca, whilst Miss Pishaya helped us on the toilet and prepared our yummy morning tea. Today for morning tea we had seasonal fruits and sultana muffins.


This morning for group time we went around in a circle and sang our names from our name tags and stuck them on the wall so we could see who was here today, we then sang our daily acknowledgement to the land and elders of the community. Today for group time we read a story about Santa’s snowman, the story explained the joy Christmas brings to people around the world and how we all enjoy celebrating differently each year.  The children loved looking at the pictures throughout the story of different houses and their decorations. After we finished the story Mia showed everyone some special shells she has collected from home, the children passed them around the room to hear the ocean.  Miss Bianca then asked us one by one what we did over the weekend- Leo- had a baby chino with Ma & Pa, Jack- went to the shops, Mason- watched a movie on Netflix, Lilo- Played with brother, Henri- played with Mum and Dad, Ryder- played footy with Dad.



After morning teatime, it was time for the children to explore the activities and different learning environment’s that Miss Bianca and Miss Pishaya had set up and the children self-select for themselves- This included:


  • Indoor play
  • Arts and Crafts (Christmas themed)
  • Building with blocks creating cars
  • Playdough with glitter
  • Drawing

Today for activity time Leo, Bill, Henri, Noah, Mia, Irina, Malia and Mason loved sitting at the playdough table with green Christmas dough and Christmas paddle pop sticks and star shaped playdough cutters.  Jack and Leo loved pushing lots of paddle pop sticks into the green dough to make it look like spikes.  Irina, Malia and Henri enjoyed cutting shapes with the dough and Bill loved rolling the dough into small balls using the confetti.  Lilo, Ryder and Jack enjoyed drawing with Miss Pishaya they enjoyed drawing scary faces and animals. Hrihan and Henri also loved to build with connector blocks and create cars with the wheels and drive them around the room, Henri shouted “Hrihan let’s make tunnel” then they started to created tunnels with bamboo pieces of wood.

Prior to lunch the children have been helping pack away the toys and grabbing their bed sheets and making their own beds for rest time. The senior kindy class are learning all about self-help skills and doing things for themselves and looking after their belongings and personal hygiene.  The children are doing a great job dressing and undressing themselves and putting the sheets on their beds and learning to do most things on their own without any assistance from their educators.

Today for lunch we enjoyed vegetable bites and salad.  It was then time for us to head to bed and rest our bodies. We provide an opportunity for the children to re energise their little bodies. We need all our energy back to explore our environment for the afternoon. After our rest it was time for our afternoon tea, we had seasonal fruits and crackers. After we finished afternoon tea, we put our plates away, put on our sunscreen, shoes, and hats all by ourselves and made our way outdoors to spend the afternoon with pre kindy.


Thank you, Senior Kindy for a fun day indoors.


Miss Pishaya and Miss Bianca xx