Jingeri families,

Miss Tash is away today and Mr Hiroshi and Miss Stacie were in the room today.


Welcome to Reid in Senior Kindy room.  We hope that you had a good day.

This morning after playing inside, our children ventured outside and the children had approached different areas to start off.  Ziah had challenged to ride tricycle.  She placed her feet on the pedals and tried to move forward. At the Mega blocks area, Lily A, Poppy and Nicholas were constructing and placed one piece at a time. Nicholas had then passed a couple of pieces for Poppy to add on to her creations.  Chloe had watched them play and decided to join them, too. Poppy had welcomed her and passed some pieces to her, too.  We had a new friend starting today and his name is Reid.  He appeared to relax and had gone to the Pirate ship where Lincoln was using a telescope to look for Miss Stacie who was waving at him. Lincoln had moved down in the sandpit and found work vehicles.  Karina had also found one and they both went to the deck area and started to ride it. Diollo had also joined and they went down many times.  This play appears to be very popular and I witnessed some children riding last week, too.
 Miss Stacie had a group time and the children were following affirmation action with her.  Miss Stacie had then asked today’s weather and Lillianna said “Sunny” while Lincoln said “It’s Monday.”  When it comes to the month of year, we all sang and checked what month would come after June and we all called out July!  Today we had three “Show and Tell”  Lincoln had a motor bike and he said that he plays with mum and dad and Miss Stacie asked some questions including how many wheels and the colour of the motor bike.  The audience were able to answer most of the questions with Lincoln.  Ziah was next and she had two Paw Patrol character and said “I play with Skye and my brother plays with Chase.” She was telling us that she doesn’t fight over these soft toys with her brother.  The last child was Isla and she brought in Elsa doll.  She was telling everyone that she undresses including taking off boots and have a bath with it.  She also said that she plays Elsa with mum and dad.
We had continued Group time after Show and Tell as some of our friends were trying gymnastics with Miss Kim today. Mr Hiroshi had taken over from Miss Stacie and had introduced “Jingeri” song and sang together. He had then read a book called “When I’m feeling scared” as the children have been learning about emotions.  We discussed when they feel scared, how we could overcome from it.  We said that we could ask for help from friends, teachers and of course mum and dad and we all acknowledged that it is okay to be scared, too.  After the group discussion, the children an opportunity to play indoor. Fletcher and Quinn were at the book corner and opened some books so Mr Hiroshi had asked them to choose a book for them to read and their choice of book was “The things I love about school’  Chloe and Yaolin had a role play at the home corner and Yaolin was pretending to be a baby and Chloe was his mother.  She was using bibs for him and was feeding him very well and Miss Stacie was very impressed with it. It was time for us to have morning tea.  Our transition for this morning was a child could choose a friend or two and go to bathroom together.  Chloe was holding Lena’s hand while Yaolin said “Mr Hiroshi’ Diollo had chosen Nicholas but he wanted to go alone so Diollo understood and went to the bathroom by himself.  It was good to see how each child would choose his/her friends and how they walk to the bathroom.  Some children were holding hands together while others were reluctant to ask for going together or holding hands to go to the bathroom.


Before lunch, the children were given the opportunity to have more fun outside in the yard. Noah had decided to ride on tricycle again and was able to pedal and moved forward. Keaton was in the sandpit and found some trucks and was keen to use a couple of vehicles at the same time and enjoyed a solitude play. This afternoon Mr Hiroshi will introduce another book to read and the title is “Kindness makes us strong.”  We will discuss how each one of us demonstrate “Kindness” to the others and how we feel when receiving kindness from others.