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Our Story…

Welcome to another beautiful week in the Senior Kindy room with Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie.

We had such a fun and busy activity time, engaging in lots of different activities with our friends.

At the table, Miss Stacie set up some fun painting with lots of different colours. Ziah, Poppy, Isla,  Lena, Lily, Nicholas, Noah and Miss spent lots of time at the table creating lots of different pictures. They were all very proud of their pictures, telling Miss Stacie all about their amazing masterpieces.

  • Ziah- “painting a rainbow”
  • Poppy- “i made a flower”
  • Isla- “a big crocodile”
  • Lena- “a Lion”
  • Lily- “i painted a butterfly”
  • Nicholas- “a blue dinosaur”
  • Noah- “a fish”
  • Miss Stacie painted a bug sun!

Over on the mat, Zach, Diollo and Quinn were busy constructing with the connectors. They spent lots of time experimenting with different ways to connect the blocks before finishing their construction. Diollo made a very scary dinosaur, Quinn created a telescope, Quinn enjoyed looking around the room through his telescope, looking at what his friends were doing. Zach had so much fun making a ball with the connectors. Once he finished making the ball, he enjoyed rolling it around the mat.

Lincoln and Chloe spent their morning in the calm area, looking at all the different calming materials. As they continued looking through the different materials, they decided to lay on the cushions, and have a look through lots of different books. They both loved looking at the pictures in Angry alligator and possum magic.

In home corner, Alex was busy cooking up lots of delicious foods to share with his friends. Alex told Miss Claudia that he had made some very yummy pasta for his friends!

After such a fun morning, we helped Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie to pack away the room, we then joined Miss Stacie on the mat for some dancing before making our beds and getting ready for some delicious lunch!

Thank you Senior Kindy for a wonderful Monday

Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie xx