Our story..


We welcomed Ziah to the Senior Kindy room today!

It was a very busy day in the  Senior Kindy room with lots of different things happening!

As we arrived at kindy we were very excited to begin exploring the yard. Lincoln, Alex and Noah spent their morning zooming around the yard on the bikes, showing Miss Claudia and Miss Karla how well they could push the pedals with their feet to make their bikes go faster.

Poppy, Livinia, Chloe, Zach, Nicholas and Lily had so much fun on the swing. They ask Miss Karla to push them higher and higher, up to the sky.

David, Ziah, Rocco, Marley, Quinn and Charles spent lots of time in the sandpit with Miss Nicole. They had so much fun constructing sandcastles with the buckets before jumping on them nock them down to the ground.

At 9:00am Miss Anj arrived for sport. Senior Kindy split into two groups today. We begun sport by warming up our bodies. We then practiced rolling, bouncing, throwing and catching a ball. Once everyone had a turn, we then had a try at the obstacle course Miss Anj had created. Throughout the obstacle course, we had to practice jumping over a hurdle with our feet together, we had to run from one cone to another, touch our toes then bear crawl from one cone to the other.

Once both groups finished sport, it was time for Arakan. Senior Kindy had so much fun at Arakan. During Arakan, we practiced ducking under and jumping over a pool noodle trying not to touch it. We then learned how to stand in a stance, and how to cover our heads.

When we finished Arakan we made our way inside and washed our hands ready for morning tea.

Once we finished our morning tea, we joined Miss Claudia on the mat ready for a short group time as we had to get ready for the show. We begun our group time with the days of the week. Lily told her friends that it was Friday today. Together we sung the days of the week song. Charles told his friends that the month is January and its 2021. Senior Kindy then had a look outside and told Miss Claudia that it is a very sunny day today.

Miss Claudia then transitioned us off the mat, ready to line up at the door and walk own to Pre kindy ready for the show.

Once we were down in Pre Kindy we sat on the mat with whole body listening. We said a big good morning to Liz from wildlife rangers, Liz introduced us to seven different animals.

  • Blue tongue lizard named Bubble gum
  • Bearded dragon named pineapple
  • Longneck turtle named shelly
  • Snake named homer
  • Tawny frown mouth named Dorris
  • Ring tail possum
  • Salt water crocodile named snappy.

Senior Kindy  loved meeting all these animals and getting the opportunity to give them pat on the back.

Thank you Senior Kindy for a wonderful Friday

Miss Claudia and Miss Karla xx