Our Story…

It was a lovely morning in the yard today! It was perfect weather to be outside burning off all of our energy!

Lincoln, David, Alex, Rocco, Zach and Quinn begun their morning in the sandpit with Miss Claudia. Together they constructed a big sandcastle, using the big shovels. Once we finished the sand castle, we begun jumping on it trying to squish it back into the ground!

Livinia, Chloe, Lily, Nicholas, Marley and Charles had so much fun on the swing! They asked Miss Claudia to push the swing higher and higher! While they were busy swinging, they begun singing their favourite songs to Miss Claudia. Baby Shark was definitely the favourite!!

At 9:00am Miss Anj arrived for sport. Senior Kindy stood next to a cone and begun warming up their bodies ready for sport. When we were all warm, we stood in two lines behind a red and yellow cone, we took turn completing the obstacle course. Fist we had to jump over the hurdles, then we had to do three star jumps, the a burpee and lastly we had to pick the tennis ball up using out feet and place it into the hula hoop. We all did so well waiting our turn and listening to the directions! Well done Senior Kindy! To finish off sport, we did some cool down stretches and enjoyed a nice big drink of water!

It was then time to head inside, wash our hands and get ready for some delicious morning tea.

As we finished morning tea, we joined Miss Claudia on the mat for a group time. To begin our group time today, Miss Claudia said Good Morning to everyone. We discussed what day it was today, and we sang our days of the week song. Lily knew that today was Friday! The last day of the kindy week! We then had a look at the weather chart and decided that it was very hot and sunny outside today. Marley reminded us that it’s important that we drink lots of water and wear hats and sunscreen when we go outside.

Miss Claudia read us the day the crayons quit book; Senior Kindy looked at all the different things that were red. Together Senior Kindy decided that they wanted to make a red fire truck during activity time.

Miss Claudia used colour recognition to transition us off the mat.

Continuing with red week, Senior Kindy decided that they wanted to make a red fire truck. Miss Claudia set the table up with a big cardboard box, red paint and paint brushes.

Before we begun the activity, Livinia reminded us that we needed to put on art smocks so our clothes didn’t get dirty. Miss Karla helped Lena, Chloe, David, Lincoln, Lily, Zach, Rocco and Livinia to put on their art smocks and helped them to reach a paint brush.  David, Chloe, Zach, Rocco, Livinia, Lily, Lincoln and Lena all worked really hard to cover the whole box in red paint. They then helped Miss Claudia to add some wheels and a ladder to finish off the fire truck!

Quinn, Charles, Zach, David, Lincoln and Alex spent lots of time on the mat constructing with the window blocks. They were very busy constructing motorbikes, nerf guns, towers and monster trucks.

Marley and Nicholas enjoyed time on the mat as well constructing with the Lego. They were creating blowers and dinosaurs.

Noah and Lena loved exploring the loose parts. Today in the loose parts area Lena and Noah used their fingers to feel the different textures of the shells, rocks, pom poms and buttons. They decided that the rocks and buttons were smooth, the shells felt a bit rough and the pom poms were soft and squishy.

Lily, Livinia and Chloe wanted to do some more painting. They took the paint pots and some paper off the self select shelf and placed it on the table. They then sat around the table creating lots of different master pieces.

Rocco was a busy chef in home corner today, cutting up all the pretend fruit and placing it in a bowl to make a delicious fruit salad.

Thank you Senior Kindy for a wonderful week in the Senior Kindy room

Miss Claudia and Miss Karla xx