Jingeri and good afternoon to all our wonderful parents of Senior Kindy! IT’S FRIDAY! What a fantastic Friday we have had today being such a fun-filled day to end the week.

Our morning kicked off with outside play. The children explored the yard and were very creative with their play! Their imaginations were running wild. We were playing the floor is lava on the stepping stones, making birthday cakes out of sand, walking and jumping off the plank on our pirate ship and racing on super-fast motor bikes!

After outside play, the group came inside for a group time with Miss Tash where we discussed the weather, said our good mornings and shouted our affirmations with pride! “I am kind, I am strong, i am brave, I am beautiful and I am loved!”

After group time, we were visited by Mr Tim, our Arakan instructor. The children practised their arakan stances, blocking and straight palms. As a reward for their awesome efforts, they finished off with a game of hide the pads, where Mr Tim hid 6 pads around the yard for the children to find. The children love hide the pads and look forward to it every week!

We then made our way back inside, had our delicious morning tea and by popular demand, Miss Tash and Mr Oskar decided to break out the play-doe. The children loved mixing the loose parts in the play-doe, making snails and rolling the play-doe up into balls. As we say here at BELC, messy play is best play! We also enjoyed playing in our pizza shop and building train tracks!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Friday like we did! Can’t wait to see all our amazing Senior Kindy friends next week. Have a great weekend!!!

Miss Tash and Mr Oskar