Jingeri and good morning to all our amazing parents of Senior Kindy. We hope your day has been as fun-filled and exciting as ours! we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

To kick off our morning, we decided to do something different. We let the children decide which toys they wanted to play with. Mr Oskar asked the children what they were wanting to play with more than anything in the world. We try make kindy as child centred as we possibly can, so what better way to do that, than let the children choose what they want to play with! As a group, the children chose to play with musical instruments, sandpit shovels, trucks and balls. Oh, and the swing. Who could forget the swing!? The children let their imaginations run wild with their role plays, hide and seek and putting Mr Oskar in jail, AGAIN! After having so much fun outside, it was time to head inside for our group time.

Miss Tash and Mr Oskar wanted to use this group time to focus on our emotions. Mr Oskar began group time by reading a book called “Grump”. This was a book about a grumpy teddy bear who was mean to his friends. Mr Oskar asked the children what it looked like to be grumpy. Mr Oskar got one of the children to demonstrate their grumpy face and it left the children in stitches! Throughout the book, Mr Oskar asked the children if the teddy bear was making the right choices and related these choices to scenarios at kindy. This encouraged the children to be aware of their choices they make at kindy. After Mr Oskar read the book, he encouraged the children to join him in a breathing exercise to show the children what they could do when they feel grumpy at kindy. We concluded our group time with our affirmations in which we encourage self-love and positivity.

Following group time, the children enjoyed an hour of playing inside with their friends. The children had so many activities to choose from. They interacted with play-doe, they played with the farm animals and toy insects and we found some toy doctor kits in the storeroom that they were so excited to play with! Miss Stacie suggested to the children that it would be fun if we played with the insects in the play-doe. The children absolutely loved this idea and began to smash and mash the insects all throughout the play-doe. After having so much fun inside, we continued our fun outside playing hide and seek, digging the deepest holes in the sandpit and enjoying our junior kindy friends’ company  before going into lunch.

Upon reflection of today, by highlighting the importance of our emotions and feelings, we found that the children played together amazingly. The children were aware of their peers’ emotions helped them self-regulate without the assistance of their educators. To extend on this, Miss Tash and Mr Oskar will be focusing on helping the kids self-regulate and use their words more. We will do this by highlighting the different types of emotions, what they look like and how to deal with those emotions in particular scenarios.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your day and can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!

Mr Oskar, Miss Tash and Miss Stacie