Good afternoon to all of our amazing parents of Senior Kindy. We hope you’ve had a fantastic Friday and looking forward to the long weekend! We had such a great day today and can’t wait to tell you all about it. We’ll start with group time.

Today’s group time was full of fun, laughter and learning. Today’s group time was full of fun, laughter and learning. Today’s group time was full of fun, laughter and learning. Today for group time, we started off with our Aboriginal roll call to follow our routine that is better preparing us for our transition to kindergarten. Mr Oskar would say “Jingeri ______”, and the child would say it back to him. We then moved onto the next part of our group time. Fletcher brought a book from home for Mr Oskar to read to the class, the book was called “Spot’s Busy Days”. The children were so engaged with the book and their favourite part were the “flippy bits” on the pages. Now we’ll tell you about indoor play!

Indoor play today consisted of numerous educator and child-initiated activities where all the children had the chance to explore their imaginations and thrive through individual and collaborative play. Today was free-play Friday, meaning that the children got to choose what they wanted to do today during indoor play. During morning tea, Mr Oskar asked the children what he should put out for activities today, to which the children replied, “construction toys, play-doe, magnetic fishing and build-your-own trees”. Celeste, Diollo and Zachary were fully immersed in the play-doe, where they used the play-doe tools to roll, flatten and make shapes out of the play-doe. Lastly, we’ll share with you our outdoor play experience.

For outdoor play today, the children were given the opportunity to maximise their outdoor experience and enjoy themselves with a variety of different activities and apparatuses. As Mr Oskar arrived, he was pounced on by Marley, David, Lincoln, Lily A, Lily B, Rocco and Nicholas, begging him to push them on the swing super high. As he was pushing them, they were singing their ABC’s. Next to the swing was Quinn, attempting to do a handstand, pleading with his educators to watch him, to which he almost nailed it! Over in the sandpit, Alex and Noah were busy observing Miss Pishaya picking leaves from the tree for an activity for her class. They were bombarding her with questions like, “what are you doing?”, “what are they for?”, “how many are you picking?”, filling their little brains with tonnes of information from Miss Pishaya. Right beside them were Karina and Lena, which they spent their time making a birthday cake for their mummies, made from sand, leaves and bark. When Yaolin arrived, Chloe ran straight over to him and offered to play together. Chloe said that she was the mummy and Yaolin was the baby. She stroked his head putting him to sleep.

Have a great long weekend!!

Mr Oskar, Miss Tash and Miss Luma