Our Story-

We had so much fun throughout activity time, keeping busy engaging in lots of different activities.

On the tables we had two activities, we had a choice of painting with a paint brush or cutting, to get some practice with using scissors, Miss Stacie demonstrated how to hold the scissors and placed them in our hands. Miss Stacie then held a piece of paper flat so we could practice the cutting motion. Once we got the feel of the scissors, Miss Stacie placed the piece of paper in our other hand and gave us the opportunity to practice cutting on our own. Livinia, Lincoln, Lena, Marley, Rocco and Phoenix all really enjoyed using the scissors to cut the paper, they had so much fun, cut up paper ended up everywhere!!

Painting was fun too, As we were busy painting Miss Stacie asked us what they we painting, Rocco said he painted a happy face, Lena said A crocodile, David said Mummy, Poppy said a princess, Lincoln said I’m painting a fish, Livinia said she was painting a water slide and Phoenix said a Rock star, its splatting.

Dilan enjoyed playing with the cars on the mat, Chloe, Poppy and Nicholas were all playing together in home corner cooking dinner using the wooden play food, pots, pans and spoons. Lucas and David were playing together with the loose parts and the cars on the mat. Everyone seemed so happy and content during activity time.

After such a big play, we helped Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie pack away the room, we then we joined Miss Claudia on the mat

During group time, Miss Claudia read us three books. We all loved listening knock, knock, now wash your hands and possum magic. As we finished listening to each story, we asked Miss Claudia for another!

When we had read all the books. Miss Claudia transitioned us off the mat ready to make our beds and wash our hands for lunch. Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie implemented self-serve into our lunch time routine. After washing our hands, Senior Kindy sat at the table with their dink bottles and waited for Miss Claudia to call their names.

One at a time, the children came up to the table and used the tongs to place sushi, corn and pineapple on their plates. While the children were self serving their lunch, Miss Claudia reminded them to be careful not to use the same tongs and spoons in the different types of food, as some children have allergies.

Senior Kindy did an amazing job self serving their own lunch, making very little mess and only using the utensils that belonged to that food group!

Thank you Senior Kindy for a wonderful Thursday

Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie xx