Our story…

Senior Kindy were very excited to begin exploring the yard as they arrived at kindy.

The waffle blocks were very popular this morning with Lincoln, Dilan, Rocco and Marley, they were very busy creating a house, a car track and a bed. Poppy, Chloe, Ziah, Lena and Phoenix enjoyed reading books at the table with Miss Stacie. They loved reading stories this morning with each of us taking turns picking books for Miss Stacie to read. Nicholas spent his morning with Jude, together they found some dinosaurs and created a home for them in the bark area. Nicholas and Jude loved making the dinosaurs roll around in the bark and jump over the logs. Lucas found a green rubbish truck when he arrived at kindy. Lucas loved racing the truck around the room, picking up little bits and placing them in the back of the truck.

At 9:00am we ventured into the Senior Kindy room and got ready for morning tea.

After morning tea, we joined Miss Claudia on the mat for group time. We begun our group time with the Aboriginal acknowledgement, Miss Claudia said the words and did the actions first and we copied her. It was then time for the day of the week, Rocco knew that it was Thursday today, together we then sung the days of the week song rankhaya.com. The month is still a bit tricky to remember so we sung the months of the year song to figure it out. Senior Kindy discovered that the month is February the second month of the year. Marley then told his friends that it is very hot and sunny outside today.

Chloe asked Miss Claudia if we could read a book? Miss Claudia thought this was a great idea, Chloe went over to the book shelf and chose two books for us to read. Senior Kindy enjoyed listening to I wish I had an elephant and there is no such thing as monsters. Miss Claudia then explained the activities for the day, before transitioning us off the mat using name recognition ready for activity time.

At the table, Miss Claudia placed some red, blue and yellow paint. Phoenix, Lena and Ziah were first to the table. Miss Claudia asked what colours they would like to mix together. Phoenix said red and blue and Lena said yellow and red. Miss Claudia placed the paint into the paint tray and gave Lena, Ziah and Phoenix a paint brush to begin mixing the paint. As they were mixing they noticed the colours change. Phoenix had created purple, Lena made orange and Ziah made green. Once all the colours were mixed together, Lincoln, Rocco and Poppy joined us at the table. Miss Claudia gave each of us a piece of paper to begin painting on. As we were painting we told Miss Claudia what we were painting a picture of:

  • Lena- smiley face
  • Ziah- Mummy’s face
  • Phoenix- purple
  • Lincoln- Giraffe
  • Rocco- a wobbly egg.

Marley, Nicholas, Lena and Poppy enjoyed lots of time in the loose parts area. Lena was busy using her fine motor skills to manipulate the tweezers to transfer the loose parts from one place to another. Poppy, Marley and Nicholas we exploring the room with the magnifying glasses. They begun by looking at the loose parts, then begun looking around the room, on the floor and even in Miss Stacie’s hair!!

Lucas and Dilan had so much fun this morning on the mat constructing with the blocks. They connected all the window blocks they could find to create a long long road for the cars.

Chloe enjoyed some quiet time on the reading chair, Chloe loved reading lots of books, Poppy and Rocco joined Chloe in book corner all looking at the same books together.

thank you Senior Kindy for a wonderful Thursday

Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie xx