Thank you Payton for another great job with the sign in today with his lovely sister Angelique as his assistant.

Afternoon tea today was served by Miss Jade and was beautifully prepared and presented filled with delicious grapes, oranges, rockmelon & pop corn.

Before we went down to the oval Coral, Ethan F, Slater & Alira drew each others portraits.

Our team of soccer champions Xavier, Zac, Slater, Payton, Ryder, Jayden & Ethan had a great game of undercover soccer then moved on to cage soccer & then had a final game on the oval.

The rain held off until 4pm so we got to enjoy sometime down on the oval where a lot was happening.

IMG_3525[1] IMG_3527[1]

Olivia practised throwing and catching the football and she was very proud of how well she can catch now.

Oliver & Axl enjoyed chasing each other around and then spent time rolling the ball up and down the hill. They also rolling down the hill with Jade, Savannah, Mila, Dmitrii, Kemi, Chris & Hunter.


Jade, Mila & Savannah had a lovely time exploring the garden and chatting together.

Archer & Myles had a great talk about Dinosaurs. Archer said that crocodiles are dinosaurs and he is excited to be coming to the Brisbane museum in the holidays with vacation care to see the Dinosaurs.


Eden was showing all of her friends her beautiful tiger that she got from Holland, everyone loved having a hold as he was big and soft. Great sharing Eden.


Summer was very of proud of her great hoop shooting with Indigo, Miss Maddy, Mali, Myles & Angelique.


Once again extending on the children’s interest in photography today Coral & Marlee enjoyed taking some pretty pictures in the Prep garden. They are very good at centering the object and also zooming in and out.

IMG_3544[1] IMG_3547[1]

Mali, Ashley & Miss Maddy enjoyed posing for their Oh what a feeling Toyota pose photo.


We returned to the Centre where Eli, Oliver, Ethan & Chris went straight to make an awesome maze/cubby house. They were pretending that they were working in a Hotel and using the coloured disks for room keys.


We then made robots with recyclable things. Jess, Oliver, Mali & Xavier enjoyed painting the boxes and they discussed how to make different colours by mixing the paints so they could end up maroon.


We had the wonderful Fairy Tale Theatre movies playing in the background which are a great set of all the famous fairy tales performed by real actors. They are very funny and were Miss Jeni’s favourite when she was little. Today we watched the Frog Prince & Rapunzel.

Have a lovely night everyone.

Miss Jeni, Miss Maddy & Miss Jade.

Written by seniorkindy room