Our Story…

It was a very cool morning today, we begun our morning inside and waited for it to warm up before venturing outside. In the yard Miss Lauren and Miss Bek set up some trucks in the bark, buckets and shovels as well as a hoop and balls in the sandpit and books on the table.

Lars, Samuel, Jude, Jai and Tyler had lots of fun shooting hoops, they tried shooting the ball from different distanced to how far they could stand away and still get the ball in.

Sienna, Amelia, Jessie, Harlow and Brigitte enjoyed turn taking on the slides on the pirate ship.

Arlo, Jussie Elijah, Jude and Hunt had had lots of fun in the sandpit constructing lots of castles and cooking lots of yummy food for their friends to try.

After our busy morning outside, we made our way inside, washed our hands and enjoyed some delicious morning tea. As we finished our morning tea, Miss Hayley arrived for yoga. We made a big circle on the mat, Miss Hayley used lots of music and movement throughout yoga today. To finish yoga, Miss Hayley put on the calming caterpillar song, and encouraged us all to make a caterpillar with our hands and walk it up our arms. She suggested that this is a great idea to use the caterpillar when we are feeling a bit crazy or frustrated and we need to calm down.

We all said a big thankyou to Miss Hayley and turned around to face Miss Claudia. As we begun group time, Lars was quick to put up his hand and tell everyone that today is Wednesday, Samuel followed and said that the month is still June. Jessie was our weather monitor today, she had a big look outside and told us that it is very sunny outside today, but it is cold. Miss Claudia then showed us all the trees that we had painted yesterday for our jungle, she asked us if we thought we needed some more taller trees to hang on the wall with our little trees? We all agreed.

Miss Claudia then invited us to put on our hats and follower her and Miss Stacie outside to look for some leaves, bark and sticks to collage on to the big trees we were going to make today. We went straight up to the back area, and found lots of leaves around the sandpit and in the gardens, we also found some bark that had fallen off the trees. Once we filled up the bucket with the leaves and bark we went back inside and got straight into activity time.

At the tables, Amelia, Lars, Ethan, Jussie, Jessie Samuel, Izabella, Sienna, Harlow, Brigitte, Elijah, Hunt, Arlo, Tyler and Boston spent their morning painting the trees and collaging the leaves and bark on to them. Samuel suggested that tomorrow we should make some animals to go into our jungle.

On the mat, Jude and Jai had lots of fun making a super long train track that went the whole way around the mat. They were very proud of their train track and had so much fun racing the trains around it.

After our busy morning, we all helped to pack away the room. We then joined Miss Claudia on the mat and begun brainstorming different animals that we could make to go into our jungle.

  • Lion
  • Giraffe
  • Birds
  • Lizards
  • Snakes
  • Monkeys
  • Elephants

Thank you Pre Kindy for a wonderful Wednesday

Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie.


Written by Outside School Hours Care