Our Story…


It was a lovely morning in the yard today. Samuel, Jussie, Arlo, Jai, Lars, Jude and Boston had so much fun running around the yard playing super heroes, they made sure there was no danger around the yard ensuring their friends were safe from baddies.

Harlow, Jessie, Sienna, Brigitte and Amelia enjoyed turn taking on the swing. They are all getting so good at swinging all by themselves.


After our big play outside, we made our way inside, washed our hands and sat at the table ready for our delicious morning tea.

Once we finished morning tea we made a big circle on the mat for our yoga class. We all did great listening for Miss Hayley today

After yoga, Miss Claudia introduced the topic of sustainability. Together, we looked at recycling and how we recycle.

Extending on our discussion, Miss Claudia cut out pictures of a rubbish bin, recycling bin and compost ( worm farm) and glued them onto a piece of paper. She then invited us to the table to have a turn at the activity. Boston, Amelia, Jussie, Lars and Sienna came and joined Miss Claudia at the table. For our activity we cut out photos of different items and glued them under which bin they belong in. we learnt all about which rubbish belongs in the green bin, recycling bin and compost (worm farm)

Jussie and Boston enjoyed collecting our wooden eggs in a basket and pretending to be bunnies. Jussie put big bunny ears on and hopped around the room.

Harlow and Jude played with dress ups in home corner. They loved dressing up as fire fighters.

Elijah relaxed at the table with miss Stacie. He enjoyed pushing cars and trucks around the table.

Lars, Arlo, Sammy and Jai played with blocks together on the mat. They enjoyed seeing how high they could build a tower before falling over.

Brigitte, sienna and Jessie loved playing with the dolls house. They liked organising the dolls rooms and playing ‘families’ with their dolls.

Amelia did a great job at solving puzzles at the table. She enjoyed showing her peers the puzzles she completed them.

After our busy morning, we helped to pack away the room. We then joined Miss Claudia on the mat. During group time, we discussed what we had learned through our activity. We discovered that recycling and composting were the best for our environment and that we need to use less rubbish. Samuel added that it is important to put rubbish in the bin to keep the animals safe.

Thank you Pre Kindy for a wonderful Wednesday

Miss Claudia and Miss Stacie.


Written by prekindy room