Fun in the sun! Sandpit was busy with lots of cooking and water play. Friends rode bikes, pushed each other on the swing, dug in the mud kitchen or drew at the table. The waffle blocks were in the yard which provided an opportunity for friends to practice their construction skills, building and negotiating roles with their friends, as they worked as a team to make a big house to sit inside.

Miss Cindy sat with the children for group time today, reading The Gingerbread Man which has been a class favourite the last few weeks. After the story they played a game of doggy doggy where’s your bone before dancing around to Christmas songs. The children all loved playing the game of doggy, doggy keen to have a turn being the doggy plus a turn holding the bone behind their back.

A wonderful group of 10 friends today! Everyone played nice together. We had friends using stickers to stick on their paper then draw make their paper more colourful with pictures. We recycled old Xmas cards by cutting in half and drawing on one side, giving friends the opportunity to practice their cutting with scissors if they wished. Chia had brought in a princess fairy dress to wear, her friends Ivy & Paisley followed her lead getting dressed up as princesses. Theo, Joe, Kai, Oliver & Austin spent time driving the cars around on the mat while Willa & Tohma enjoyed doing art & craft the most.

We had Christmas music playing when the freeze song come on everyone made their way to the mat very quickly, dancing around following what the song was telling them to do!!

Reminder the centre will be closed at 2pm on Thursday 24th December 2020 opening on 4th January 2021! Merry Christmas & enjoy your family time together!!