Christmas Party tomorrow 4-5

We were all extremely excited to see the sun shining. After the last few days of rain everyone could not wait to get outside to play. We had friends begin cooking in the sandpit & building castles with the wet sand. Friends took turn on the swing, having fun not only sitting on the swing but also pushing their friends sitting on the swing. Bikes were ridden around the yard & balls were played with as children practiced their throwing and catching.

Group time began with acknowledgement, the children all know this off by heart, only needing tiny bit of educator assistance to remember the words. We practiced our concert songs which shown that all children are ready and excited to perform our songs in-front of parents tomorrow! We played a game of freeze with children listening dancing until the music stopped. During the songs they were asked to do different actions such as hopping, spinning or being a robot as they danced. Everyone enjoyed this time dancing with their friends.

To extend further on Christmas Miss Tegan asked children to sit with her making a Christmas tree shape by stamping their hand all over the paper as it was covered in green paint. Children enjoyed this one on one experience, once their handprint was all over the paper they sprinkled glitter over the tree, making it sparkly. Ivy, Joe, Theo, Austin, Felicity, Indie, Pasiely, Willa, Marlee, Bobby, Mason & Kai were the ones who took time to make a Christmas picture. There was lots of smiles and giggles as friends felt the paint brush tickling their hands,

We had playdough at the table as there has been a lot of interest in playdough play, friends used it to role play, making food for each other, squeezing, rolling or flattening working on their fine motor abilities. Kai showed interest in the playdough today by poking his finger in & using the different shapes in the dough, noticing the different impressions it makes. Another fine motor activity we set up was also Christmas related as children were given opportunity to write Christmas cards to friends, they enjoyed giving their friends something special they had drawn. Austin, Joe & Indie all wanted to write their names asking Miss Tegan to draw them dots of each letter to follow. Cameron & Dylan spent all morning together playing in home corner, with cars, magnetic shapes not leaving each other’s side. Paisley, Indie & Felicity used their blankets in book corner while Marlee, Ivy & Willa had little cupcake heads they used as watches to act as if they were superheros. Austin, Theo, Mason & Joe built using magnetic shapes making towers, love hearts, cubby’s & houses.